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Stolen vehicle, accident, attempted burglary suspect in custody

On July 1st, at approximately 1:30 a.m.,  Southwest Precinct officers located a stolen vehicle and followed it onto Highway 99 northbound towards downtown.  The officers engaged their emergency equipment and the vehicle refused to stop, driving away at a high rate of speed.  The pursuit was immediately called off and the vehicle was last seen near the Battery Street tunnel headed northbound.  The suspect vehicle took the exit from Highway 99 at Bridge Way North and crashed into a tree and several signs near the intersection of Bridge Way North and Woodland Park North.  Patrol officers from the North Precinct located the crashed vehicle, but the suspect(s) had already fled the car.  Immediately after locating the vehicle, 911 received a call of an attempted burglary from a residence in the 3800 Block of Woodland Park Avenue N., a house very close to the crash site.  The suspect had been seen in the backyard and appeared to be trying to find a way into the house, before the resident and three dogs were able to scare him away.  The suspect was then spotted climbing over a fence in the backyard.  K9 arrived and began to track.  The track led into the backyard of the residence, over the fence, and into a secured business parking lot/carport area.  The lot was fenced and secured on all sides.  K9 located the suspect inside this locked area and he was taken into custody.  The juvenile suspect was booked into the Youth Services Center for Investigation of Auto Theft, Eluding, and Attempted Burglary.