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“Black Bloc” Damages Cars, Business Downtown

Update @ 8 pm: Following Mayor McGinn’s emergency order, officers seized about 70 items which could be used as weapons during today’s demonstrations, including sharpened tape-wrapped wooden stakes; metal poles; screw-topped wooden staffs; a shield made from a plastic traffic barrier; and a corrugated metal portable barrier with sharp, jagged edges. You can view a gallery… [ Keep reading ]

Do You Recognize This Capitol Hill Bank Robbery Suspect?

Do you recognize this bank robbery suspect? He walked into a bank inside a grocery store–at 14th Avenue and E. John Street on Capitol Hill–just before 6pm Tuesday evening and demanded money. Witnesses described the suspect as as a black male in his 50s, 5’9, with a mustache, wearing a blue beanie, white  vest,… [ Keep reading ]