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Register now for Night Out 2012

On a warm August night, the air is filled with the sounds of laughter and the smell of food.  Old neighbors get a chance to catch up, new neighbors get introduced warmly while children play safely on their bikes in the middle of their closed off street.

This is a typical scene found at any one of the over 1,000 Night Out events that happen across the city.  Some get togethers are tiny while others grow to encompass many households, but each is unique to its neighborhood. It is one of the few times when neighbors take time out of their busy schedules and — rather than just waving to each other when they take the garbage to the curb — they get the opportunity to really connect.  That is what makes Night Out so special.

If your neighborhood has never experienced a Night Out, we encourage you to get involved this year.  This year Night Out is Tuesday August 7, 2012, the theme this year is “Together – Safer Neighborhoods”.

This marks the City of Seattle’s 28th Annual “Night Out Against Crime” celebration.

It is easy to sign your block up:

  1. Invite your neighbors by printing off the materials on our website.
  2. And finally, get involved in the conversation about Night Out by “Liking” our Night Out Facebook Page.

What is Night Out?

Falling on the first Tuesday of every August, “Night Out Against Crime” is a national event that encourages neighbors to gather and spend time together in an effort to heighten crime prevention/awareness and increase neighborhood safety.  Porch lights are typically turned on as a symbolic gesture supporting crime prevention.  When you register your event in Seattle, most non-arterial streets can be blocked off (without a fee), so you and your neighbors can take over your street.

Night Out is an excellent time to organize your block and address neighborhood concerns.

  • If you haven’t yet formed a Block Watch, this is a great way to take that first step.
  • All across the city there is concern about violent crime, especially gun crimes.  The problems of crime and violence in our communities cannot be solved by police alone.  You, the community, are the catalyst in preventing crime.  This year we invite neighborhoods touched or concerned by violence to use Night Out as an opportunity to take a unified stand against violence in their community.

If you’ve participated in Night Out in the past, we hope you’ll be signing up again.  If you have always wanted to get out and meet your neighbors, let this August 7th be date that finally changes.  When neighborhoods are organized, they have power.  Together, you can build a safer neighborhood!