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Detectives Examine Suspicious Bag Left Outside Bus Tunnel, Find Hair Dryer

Police closed off streets around 3rd and Yesler just after 10 am Tuesday morning and called in the Arson/Bomb Squad (ABS) after security guards found a suspicious bag near the entrance to the Metro bus tunnel and the King County courthouse. The guards believed they had seen wires in the bag, and… [ Keep reading ]

Overnight Burglary to Aki Kurose Middle School, Two Juvenile Burglars Caught

Two 15-year-old burglary suspects were caught inside Aki Kurose Middle School with multiple stolen laptops after tripping the alarms inside the school around 12:30 this morning. Officers responded to reports of multiple burglary alarm trips inside the school in the 3900 Block of South Graham Street.  When officers arrived, they… [ Keep reading ]