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The First Rule of Fight Club Is: Don’t Join a Fight Club (UPDATED)

Seattle police broke up a teenage “fight club” at Golden Gardens over the weekend, proving once again that teenagers just aren’t ready for R-rated movies.

Officers working an emphasis patrol in Golden Gardens pulled into the park’s upper parking lot just after midnight and spotted a crowd of about 40 juveniles cheering on a group of two or three people fighting (although, spoiler alert, it might’ve been one person fighting themselves).

Once officers flashed their lights and sounded their siren at the group, the crowd scattered into the woods, leaving behind garbage, beer bottles, and several cars.

Officers ticketed a few of the cars—which were left in the lot after closing hours—and waited to see if anyone ever came out of the woods.

No one ever did.

UPDATE: Officers had received information earlier in the day that a group of teens in the North Precinct were organizing a fight club in the Ballard area, but it’s unclear whether this incident was related.