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Man On Some Kind of “Potent Relaxant” Arrested For Crashing Kids’ Pizza Party

Police arrested a very high man at Green Lake Wednesday evening after he crashed an eight-year-old’s party and made off with pizza and balloon animals.

Officers arrived in the park just before 6 pm, where parents pointed out the shirtless, shoeless suspect laying in the grass near a wading pool.

Parents told police the 28-year-old suspect had sat down at a table with several children, eaten several pieces of their pizza and stolen two balloon animals.

Parents asked the man to leave, but the man refused and got into a “very heated” exchange with the families at the party. So they called police.

When officers contacted the man, he appeared to be under the influence of a “potent relaxant of some kind.” 

Officers checked to see if the man needed medical attention and offered to take him to a local hospital, but the man declined and tried to walk away. That’s when officers arrested the man for theft and booked him into the King County Jail