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Cyclist, Motorist Team Up to Take Down Bike-Stealing, Rock-Hurling Hooligan

Batman and Robin, Troy and Abed, Milo and Otis. Who needs ’em? Seattle’s got its own dynamic duo. A cyclist and a motorist teamed up Monday afternoon to take down 53-year-old thief after he stole a bike and started throwing rocks at his victims. Around 1:30 pm, the bike-owner was… [ Keep reading ]

Officers assaulted while attempting to break up fight

Officers on-viewed a violent fight disturbance.  On 7/15/13, just shortly after 8:00 p.m., officers were driving SB on 7th Avenue when they observed a man viciously beating another man in the 1500 block.  The officers stopped and contacted the two subjects.  The suspect had the upper hand on the victim, and he… [ Keep reading ]

Naked Burglar in University District Arrested After K9 Track

Another sucessful K9 track early this morning led police to their suspect following a strange call in the U District. Just after 1:00 this morning,  officers responded to a call in the 5000 Block of 8th Avenue NE of a nude male who had climbed through a first floor window.  … [ Keep reading ]

Child Molestor Arrested Last Night Following K9 Track

A 29-year-old man is in custody for child molestation  following a K9 track last night in the Rainier View neighborhood. Officers responded to a call last night at 10:30 pm in the 11600 Block of Beacon Avenue South.  The call indicated that the 29-year-old male suspect was masturbating onto an… [ Keep reading ]