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Police Pup Repossesses Purloined Pizzas

An SPD police dog rescued four pizzas from a terrible fate Thursday night after four men robbed a delivery driver in Holly Park.

At about 11 pm, a pizza delivery driver parked his van near 35th Place S. and Holly Park Dr. S and walked an order up to a nearby home.

After a woman at the home answered the door and told the driver she hadn’t ordered a pizza, four men walked out from under a tree and told the driver they had ordered the food.

One of the four men then got into a tug-of-war with the driver over the pizzas and one of the suspects pulled out a knife.

The driver let go of the pizzas and the four suspects took off running.

The victim chased after the suspects and called 911, but lost sight of the men.

Officers began searching for the suspects and called for a K-9 unit, which immediately led police straight to the pizzas, which had been stashed underneath a car.

Officers returned the pizzas to the driver but weren’t able to find the suspects.