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Grande Drip Arrested For Throwing Hot Coffee On Concierge

It was just before 11pm Saturday night when a man walked into the lobby of a hotel near 2nd Ave W and W Thomas Street and helped himself to a free 16 ounce cup of coffee.

The man—who was not a guest at the hotel—then began loudly complaining about the hotel’s other (free) lobby amenities.

An employee at the front desk realized the man had previously been banned from the property, and asked him to leave.

The man agreed, but on his way the door, he spun around and tossed his cup toward the clerk, soaking her, the walls, ceiling and carpet around the front desk with coffee.

One of the clerk’s co-workers called 911 and officers quickly arrived, arrested the man, and booked him into the King County Jail for assault.

The victim was not seriously injured in the incident.