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Seattle Man Would Greatly Appreciate It If You Would Stop Mailing Pot to His House

A Mount Baker resident walked into the East Precinct Monday evening and informed a desk clerk that someone keeps mailing him packages of marijuana. The man told officers that, one month earlier, a package arrived at his front door marked “return to sender, insufficient postage.” The man—whose home was listed… [ Keep reading ]

Teenager with Sawed-Off Shotgun Contacted, Arrested in Roxhill Park

Things were tense for a few minutes as police in West Seattle responded to a report of a group of seven to ten juveniles with a shotgun walking into Roxhill Park around 12:30 this afternoon.  A witness in Westwood Village reported seeing the group and called 911 after seeing that one of… [ Keep reading ]

Several Street Robberies in West Seattle, One Suspect Arrested, Another Identified

Officers in West Seattle are investigating two, possibly three robberies that occurred the last few nights near Westwood Village in West Seattle.  Officers contacted a group of possible suspects nearby and one adult was positively idenitified and arrested for robbery.  A juvenile female was also identified as being involved.  She was… [ Keep reading ]