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Level 3 sex offender grabbed a 6-year-old girl from a South Seattle Park

A level 3 sex offender was arrested after he kidnapped a little girl from a Beacon Hill Park.  On 6/5/14, just shortly before 7:00 p.m., the complainant called and stated that a male tried to “touch his little girl”. The complainant went on to say that the suspect was surrounded by people in the 9300 block of Carkeek Dr S.    Officers quickly arrived and found 3 people beating one male, who was down on the ground.

The 3 people split apart as officers neared and stated the man on the ground had taken a little girl.  Officers quickly figured out the man on the ground had kidnapped a 6-year- old girl from a neighborhood park.  The father and some friends were the people who confronted the suspect (the suspect assaulted one of the friends and started the physical fight). According to the victim and witnesses at the scene, the 6-year-old girl was at Benefit Park playing with her siblings when the suspect approached and asked the victim to leave with him. The victim refused but the suspect grabbed her by the hand and pulled her three blocks away from the park. The little girl managed to break free and run away to safety.

The girl’s father and friends caught up to the suspect as he tried to run away. The suspect assaulted one of the people as he tried to flee the scene.

Seattle Fire responded and treated the suspect at the scene.  The 30-year-old suspect was later booked into the King County Jail for Kidnapping.  The suspect was wearing a Department of Corrections(DOC) GPS tracking device on one of his ankles and a Level III Sex Offender.

The 6-year-old victim was not physically injured.