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Detectives Recover Bikes, Cars and Motorcycle After Investigation at Wedgwood Home

Major Crimes Taskforce detectives, SWAT and patrol officers arrested four people and recovered stolen bikes, cars and a motorcycle last night after serving a warrant at a Wedgwood home. On Monday, detectives learned the home belonged to a suspected prolific auto thief and burglar, and that dozens of stolen items and… [ Keep reading ]

Ballard Burglar Boards Bus, Caught Downtown With Help From Heli

A suspect is in custody following a burglary in Ballard yesterday afternoon after a coordinated effort that involved two different precincts and the King County Sheriff’s Office’s helicopter, Guardian One. Yesterday, at approximately 12:45 pm,  officers from the North Precinct responded to a burglary call in the 5600 Block of… [ Keep reading ]

Man Arrested For Spitting That Hot Fire

If Smokey the Bear, Beavis and Frankenstein have taught us anything, it’s that fire bad! Officers tried to relay this same lesson to a less-than-receptive 22-year-old man Saturday night after they caught him spewing flames from his mouth on a busy Capitol Hill street. Officers Sandlin Grayson and Christopher James were… [ Keep reading ]