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Burglar Discovers Officers Actually Pretty Good at Hide-n-Seek

Police arrested two burglars Wednesday at a Licton Springs home, catching one man as he rushed out of the home and finding another hidden inside a slashed-open box spring, like a less-gruesome version of that one scene in The Revenant.

Around 8 AM Wednesday, a neighbor in the 10300 block of Densmore Avenue North called 911 and reported seeing two men climbing through the window of a home down the street.

Officers approached the home and saw a man peeking out of a hallway inside. The man then turned and ran out the backdoor of the home, only to find officers waiting for him.

Police took him into custody and began searching the home, which had been ransacked. Cupboards and cabinets had been rifled through, and shelves had been knocked over.

Inside the master bedroom, officers noticed the victims’ box spring had been slashed open and saw a man hiding inside. Officers, who were familiar with the second suspect from a previous burglary, called out to the man by name and ordered him out of the bed.

Officers recovered $20,000 worth of stolen items from the suspects, including perfume, an electric razor, jewelry, electronics, credit cards and an engagement ring from the suspects. One of  the men was also carrying a small amount of heroin and mushrooms, as well as a set of modified keys, often used by burglars and car thieves.

Police returned the stolen items to the victims and arrested the 31 and 32-year-old suspects.