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Police Arrest Would-Be Burglar After Foot Pursuit in West Seattle

Police took a man into custody after a woman called 911 to report someone was trying to break into her West Seattle home. A woman called 911 at 8 a.m. Tuesday to report an unknown man had attempted to enter into her home in the 3000 block of 45th Avenue… [ Keep reading ]

Proactive Officers Arrest Man Conducting Narcotics Sales at 3rd and Yesler, Recover Drugs and Cash

Two bicycle officers interrupted what appeared to be a narcotics transaction yesterday afternoon near the Prefontaine Park fountain. Shortly after 1:00 pm Monday, Officers Eastman and Luckie watched the man engage in drug transactions.  They arrested the 41-year-old man without incident and recovered nearly 9 grams of Ecstasy and crack cocaine and… [ Keep reading ]

To the Man Who Stole $600 From a Girl Scout Cookie Table: We Cannot Stop Them; Your Only Hope is to Turn Yourself In

Why would you rip off a moneyed organization with thousands of members trained in mechanical engineering, cybersecurity investigations and archery? Only one man knows for sure. Just before 8 pm on March 3rd, a group of young scouts were selling cookies outside a grocery store in the 11100 block of Roosevelt… [ Keep reading ]