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Homicide Investigation on Aurora Avenue North

UPDATE 6/4: The suspect in this case was arrested yesterday by a Washington State Patrol trooper in Kittitas County after he was stopped for speeding. The trooper recognized the man as a homicide suspect from a wanted bulletin and took him into custody. Homicide detectives interviewed the 46-year-old suspect and… [ Keep reading ]

Detectives Investigating Several Anti-Asian Bias Incidents in Ballard

UPDATE: Detectives now have an image of a person of interest from the incident that occurred at the restaurant at 20th Avenue NW and NW Market Street. This image depicts the person who was making racist remarks toward employees. Anyone with information on this individual is asked to contact the… [ Keep reading ]

Missing Children’s Day May 25th – looking back at the 1979 case of Carlota Sanchez and Elsie Luscier

Tomorrow, May 25th is National Missing Children’s Day. It’s a day to honor the people who have made it a focus to protect children and bring abusers to justice. This is also a day to recognize the children who remain missing – hoping that shedding some light on cases will… [ Keep reading ]