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SPD Investigating Bullet-Riddled Targets Left on Capitol Hill

Seattle police are investigating two bullet-riddled shooting targets left at different sites on Capitol Hill earlier this month.

Workers at the League of Women Voters Capitol Hill office—in the 1600 block of 18th Avenue—found the first one on July 5th after returning from the holiday weekend to find a target, pockmarked with bullet holes, outside the front door of their building. Staff called police, who took the target and submitted it for fingerprint testing.

More than a week later, on July 17th, police received a call about a second target with bullet holes tacked to a tree at 17th and E. Madison Street, about two blocks away from where police found the first practice target.

Officers did not find any bullet damage at either scene, at it appears both targets were shot at before they were placed at the two sites.

Police have little information about who’s been posting these targets, or what their motivation might be, but SPD is investigating and asking anyone who knows anything about these incidents to call 911.