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Harbor officers rescue man on Lake Union

On October 18th at about 1:30 PM,  Seattle Police Harbor Unit officers conducted  a rescue on Lake Union.  Harbor received a radio call regarding an overturned sailboat in the 1200 blk of Westlake Av N.  Patrol Boat 8 responded  and discovered an overturned kayak with a woman in a kayak standing by with it.  She explained that the man who’d been in the overturned kayak was holding onto a pier nearby.  Officers made contact with the man in the water who informed them that he was a paraplegic.   It was  agreed that it would be easier to get him into the patrol boat than try to get him onto the dock.  Together the officers managed to get him into the boat and took him ashore.  He declined any medical assistance despite  efforts to convince him otherwise. This could have easily been a very bad outcome — especially if he’d capsized in the middle of the lake.