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North Precinct Robberies Video Press Conference

SPD Recovers Record Number of Firearms in March

Last month, the Seattle Police Department recovered 169 firearms – the highest number since the year of 2010. Included in this total of recovered firearms from police, 39 were forfeited at the SPD Range for destruction. The department continues to strive to address concerns surrounding violent crimes with firearms.

SPD’s Tweets By Beat Accounts Not Impacted by Changes at Twitter

UPDATE: 2/9/23, 2:06 PM: Based on an announcement from Twitter yesterday, SPD’s Tweets by Beat accounts will no longer be impacted by a change to Twitter API. This means all Tweets by Beat accounts will continue to function and be updated. Each account will now be subject to a 1500… [ Keep reading ]

2020 Data Shows Arrests, Use of Force Continue To Be Rare With Those in Crisis

The latest report on SPD’s Hostage Negotiations Team(HNT) and crisis responses shows arrests and use of force continues to be a rare occurrence when officers are dealing with persons in crisis. With 98 HNT responses reported last year, more than half of those calls were resolved either prior to their arrival… [ Keep reading ]

SPD Releases Stops and Detentions Annual Report

In keeping with its commitment to highlighting transparency around Department policies, process and training, today the Seattle Police Department released the Stops and Detentions Annual Report. This report focuses on data around police-civilian contacts that involved a stop and limited detention of an individual. “We rely on data-driven strategies to… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle Police Release Stops and Detentions Annual Report And Data Behind The Summary

The Seattle Police Department has released a report summarizing 12 months of stops and detentions (Terry stops) from January 1, 2017, to December 31, 2017. In keeping with its commitment to transparency and open data, the Department also published the raw data underlying the report to the City’s open data portal, You can also access the… [ Keep reading ]

Use of Force Remained Extraordinarily Low in 2017

The Seattle Police Department continues to provide use of force data to highlight transparency around our policy, process, and training with regards to use of force and how it is investigated.  This report builds on the previous publication and outlines use of force incidents occurring between January 1 and December 31,… [ Keep reading ]