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Significant Incident Reports

This site contains Significant Incident Reports (SIRs). The types of reports that qualify as “significant” varies so here is what we consider significant.

  • Assault with significant injury
  • Bias crime
  • Event likely to generate media attention
  • Event likely to generate community concern
  • Hostage/barricade
  • In-custody death
  • Officer assaulted
  • Robbery
  • Shots fired (with damage or evidence)
  • Significant crisis events, including those resolved without force
  • Type II and Type III use-of-force investigations
  • Any other event a sergeant believes is significant

Incidents such as homicides, sexual assaults, domestic violence, child abuse and custody dispute calls, while significant, contain information that may identify the victim in a certain case and may not be posted here.

These reports are a small portion of the information we gather at an incident and are based on early information. Information in an officer’s final report may differ from the text contained here and should be considered more accurate. 

  • Tuesday – February 27, 2024
    #2024-055686/North Precinct/Third Watch: A marked SPD patrol car was driving N/B on I-5 when they were side-swiped by a pickup truck travelling at high speeds. A traffic stop was attempted, and the vehicle eluded SPD. WSP was notified and they located the vehicle in Snohomish County. The vehicle attempted to elude WSP, but they can… Read more: Tuesday – February 27, 2024
  • Monday – February 26, 2024
    #2024-054156/North Precinct/First Watch: At 0842 hours officers were dispatched to a report of a suspect that vandalized the victim’s pickup truck by scratching it with a key. The motive behind the vandalism was the presence of political ideology-related stickers on the truck, as identified by the suspect. Subsequently, the suspect was arrested for Malicious Harassment.… Read more: Monday – February 26, 2024
  • Sunday – February 25, 2024        
    #2024-052958/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch: At 0053 hours multiple community members called 911 to report hearing four shots in the area of 3200 block of Benton Place Southwest. Officers arrived and checked the area for evidence. Police didn’t locate any damage, but they did locate one live round.
  • Saturday – February 24, 2024
    #2024-051997/North Precinct/Third Watch: At approximately 1:00 a.m., officers attempted to conduct a traffic stop near North 105th Street and Aurora Avenue North. The suspect vehicle fled Southbound at a high rate of speed on Aurora – NO pursuit was attempted. The suspect vehicle proceeded to drive southbound and ran a red light at North 90th… Read more: Saturday – February 24, 2024
  • Friday – February 23, 2024
    #2024-050999/West Precinct/Third Watch: At 0145 hours officers received a report of hearing gunshots fired from the area of 2nd Avenue South and South Main Street. Officers arrived quickly and located several fired casings. No suspects, victims or property damage were located.  #2024-051042/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch: At 0325 hours officers responded to a burglary in progress at… Read more: Friday – February 23, 2024
  • Thursday – February 22, 2024
    #2024-049890/North Precinct/Third Watch: At 0022 hours officers responded to reports of a shooting in the 3300 block of Northeast 125th Street. A male was in his apartment when a bullet came through his wall and hit him in the hand. Seattle Fire Department responded and treated his injuries. Officers located a slug in the apartment… Read more: Thursday – February 22, 2024
  • Wednesday – February 21, 2024
    #2024-049021/South Precinct/First Watch: At 0512 hours officers responded to Starbucks in response to a suspicious call. Police arrived and discovered that the building had was spray painted in big red letters on the windows and walls. Officers also responded to a separate call (24-049024) at another Starbucks location which was tagged with the same sort… Read more: Wednesday – February 21, 2024
  • Tuesday – February 20, 2024
    #2024-047984/North Precinct/First Watch: At 0502 hours, Officers responded to what was initially reported as a shots fired call in the 12500 block of 26th Ave NE to find SFD members actively fighting a vehicle fire. The Seattle Fire Department Marshall responded to the scene and determined the fire was most likely intentionally set. ABS was… Read more: Tuesday – February 20, 2024
  • Monday – February 19, 2024
    #2024-047187/North Precinct/First Watch: At 0906 hours, dispatch received a call that victims were on a walk when they observed two Kia vehicles driving slowly by them. The drivers of both vehicles got out and demanded victim’s backpacks. When one victim told them, “No” he was assaulted by the suspects. He was able to retain his… Read more: Monday – February 19, 2024
  • Sunday- February 18, 2024
    #2024-46025/South Precinct/Third Watch: At 0138hrs, officers heard gunfire while sitting at Rainier Av S and S Henderson St. Officers located a scene at Rainier Av S and S Rose St. 20 FCCs (mix of 7.62×39, 9mm, and .40cal) were located on Rainier Av S. No victims or property damage were located. GVRU was notified. #2024-46273/North… Read more: Sunday- February 18, 2024
  • Saturday- February 17, 2024
    #2024-45097/West Precinct/Third Watch: At 0248 hours, a victim was walking south bound on Dexter Ave N crossing Harrison St. when a vehicle drove onto the sidewalk and struck the victim. The victim saw the vehicle coming and was able to dive out of the way and avoid being struck head on. SFD was called to… Read more: Saturday- February 17, 2024
  • Friday– February 16, 2024
    #2024-44527/North Precinct/Second Watch: At 1508 hours officers responded to a supportive housing location after reports of a client assaulting staff. Staff reported the suspect used racially biased language against black staff members while specifically targeting those staff members. Officers located and arrested the suspect for Hate Crime and two misdemeanor assault charges. #2024-44977/West Precinct/Third Watch:… Read more: Friday– February 16, 2024
  • Thursday – February 15, 2024
    #2024-042964/West Precinct/Third Watch: At 0131 hours, officers responded to the area of 15 Ave W and W Galer St for what was initially a disturbance at local tiny house village. The victim was throwing rocks at the houses from the overpass and obtained a wound to his neck and believed he was shot. SFD responded… Read more: Thursday – February 15, 2024
  • Wednesday – February 14, 2024
    #2024-041957/South Precinct/Third Watch: At 0050 hours, officers and a sergeant responded to a domestic disturbance call in the near the intersection of 20th Avenue South and South Dawson Street. One of the parties, who admitted to having consumed alcohol and ingested marijuana that evening, became belligerent and hostile with police, and was arrested when he… Read more: Wednesday – February 14, 2024
  • Tuesday – February 13, 2024
    #2024-041123/East Precinct/First Watch: At approximately 0542 hours, officers responded to a business for an in-progress burglary. A witness reported a U-Haul box truck was backing into the building multiple times. Another witness advised the U-Haul was attempting to pull something out of the business. Officers arrived on scene and observed the U-Haul was still on… Read more: Tuesday – February 13, 2024
  • Monday – February 12, 2024
    #2024-040106/West Precinct/Third Watch: At 0150 hours officers arrested a suspect for Felony Harassment, Stalking, and Attempted Burglary. As the suspect was being escorted to the patrol car, he headbutted an officer in the face causing a minor injury, and then threatened to kill the officer and his entire family. At King County Jail, the suspect… Read more: Monday – February 12, 2024
  • Sunday – February 11, 2024
    #2024-039276/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch: At 0247 hours, Patrol officers responded to a report of shots heard in the 8800 block of 18 Ave SW. Officers arrived and conducted an extensive area check. No scene or evidence of a shooting was initially located. Witnesses saw a silver sedan driving by their home as the vehicle passes 5… Read more: Sunday – February 11, 2024
  • Saturday – February 10, 2024
    #2024-038872/South Precinct/Second Watch: At 1726 hours, officers were dispatched to the tiny homes located near the 9100 blk MLK Jr Wy S to a report of a resident chasing another resident with a cane. When officers arrived, the victim/ witnesses stated that the suspect tried to hit the victim and was calling him names solely… Read more: Saturday – February 10, 2024
  • Friday – February 9, 2024
    #2024-037381/South Precinct/Second Watch: At 1939 hours, an open line call to 911 came in where panicked people could be heard in the background indicating that someone had just been shot. One of those people drove the GSW victim to the UW Medical Center where officers contacted the victim while the primary scene was located and… Read more: Friday – February 9, 2024
  • Thursday – February 8, 2024
    #2024-037107/West Precinct/Third Watch: At 1940 hours, officers while conducting proactive patrol operations, CRG officers witnessed the suspect light his parked vehicle on fire and attempt to flee on foot. Officers were able to quickly arrest the suspect without incident. SFD responded to the vehicle fire, which was a total loss, and ABS responded to take… Read more: Thursday – February 8, 2024
  • Wednesday – February 7, 2024
    #2024-035359/South Precinct/Third Watch: At 0023 hours, officers responded to a report of a shooting at Beacon Av S/S Thistle St. Officers arrived and located a black Dodge with bullet damage. Investigation let officers to the scene at M L King Jr Wy S/S Cloverdale St. While on scene second call came out of a shooting… Read more: Wednesday – February 7, 2024
  • Tuesday – February 6, 2024
    #2024-034920/North Precinct/Second Watch: At 1402 hours, officers were dispatched to the 13000 block of aurora Avenue North. Police arrived and the victim stated that known suspects approached him in a vehicle while he was on foot. The suspect pointed a gun at the victim and demanded him to turn over all his belongings. The victim… Read more: Tuesday – February 6, 2024
  • Monday – February 5, 2024
    #2024-033619/Southwest Precinct/First Watch: At 0545 hours, officers responded with Seattle Fire Department to a vehicle fire and the possibility that a subject was inside the vehicle. The fire was extinguished, and a subject was found inside the vehicle, deceased. Police spoke with the owner of a nearby residence who stated that the vehicle had been… Read more: Monday – February 5, 2024
  • Sunday – February 4, 2024
    #2024-32637/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch: On 2-4-2024, at 01:23hrs, officers responded to a call of an in-progress burglary in the 7500 block 21st Avenue Southwest. Officers contacted a subject that the reporting party wanted removed. Officers identified the subject and released the subject. However, as officers were clearing the scene, the subject assaulted an officer. The suspect… Read more: Sunday – February 4, 2024
  • Saturday – February 3, 2024
    #2024-31659/West Precinct/Third Watch: On 2-3-2024, at 00:38hrs, officers responded to a disturbance. When officers arrived, they contacted the involved subjects at the door of their apartment. Police learned there was a no contact order between the two subjects. Officers asked the suspect to exit the apartment, but he refused. HNT was called to the scene… Read more: Saturday – February 3, 2024

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