Significant Incident Reports

This site contains Significant Incident Reports (SIRs). The types of reports that qualify as “significant” varies so here is what we consider significant.

  • Assault with significant injury
  • Bias crime
  • Event likely to generate media attention
  • Event likely to generate community concern
  • Hostage/barricade
  • In-custody death
  • Officer assaulted
  • Robbery
  • Shots fired (with damage or evidence)
  • Significant crisis events, including those resolved without force
  • Type II and Type III use-of-force investigations
  • Any other event a sergeant believes is significant

Incidents such as homicides, sexual assaults, domestic violence, child abuse and custody dispute calls, while significant, contain information that may identify the victim in a certain case and may not be posted here.

These reports are a small portion of the information we gather at an incident and are based on early information. Information in an officer’s final report may differ from the text contained here and should be considered more accurate. 

  • Tuesday – January 26, 2021
    #2021-21104/West Precinct/Third Watch: On 01-26-2021 at 0034 hours, officers responded to a report of a shooting. Upon arrival, the Washington State Patrol and Seattle Fire were out with the victim who sustained a non-life-threatening head injury. Victim stated they were NB on Aurora AV N when a black Mazda refused to let the victim vehicle […]
  • Monday – January 25, 2021
    #2021-20649/Southwest Precinct/Second Watch: On 01-25-2021 at 1407 hours, officers responded to a burglary in progress call in the 2100 block of Ferry AV SW. The caller reported his cameras on site were being activated by a male suspect crawling into a busted-out window of the residence. Upon arrival, officers located a female outside who later […]
  • Sunday – January 24, 2021
    #2021-19763/North Precinct/Second Watch: On 01-24-2021 at 1326, a male was with his son accepting donations for a local food bank. A suspect came up to the collection area and tried to remove several bags of donations. The victim/father stated the items were for a food drive and that the local food bank in the neighborhood […]
  • Saturday – January 23, 2021
    #2021-18721/North Precinct/Third Watch: On 01-23-2021 at 0102 hours, officers were dispatched to an assist fire call at a local hospital. According to the call, fire was responding to the hospital where a gunshot victim had been dropped off in the ER. Officers arrived and contacted the victim. The victim was stable. The victim was uncooperative […]
  • Friday – January 22, 2021
    #2021-017907/South Precinct/First Watch: On 01-22-2021 at 0358 hours, a fire occurred inside an occupied house in the 9300 block of 39th Ave S. One occupant was transported to Harborview Medical Center. A Seattle Fire marshal is investigating the cause of the fire, which is unknown at this point. The SPD’s Arson Bomb Squad responded for […]
  • Thursday – January 21, 2021
    #2021-016963/East Precinct/Third Watch: On 01-21-2021 at 0130 hours, officers responded to a local hospital for a crisis report in which a subject voluntarily checked herself in for mental health evaluation. The subject reported having an extensive plan to kill a person out of state using her AR-15. The subject did not wish to surrender her […]
  • Wednesday – January 20, 2021
    #2021-016078/North Precinct/Third Watch: On 01-20-2021 at 0226 hours, the reporting party advised of a “male voice calling out for assistance” and observed the “male walk away, dripping fluids.” Officers ultimately located a male victim with severe lacerations to his hand and upper torso, and a laceration to the knee. The victim described the suspect and […]
  • Tuesday – January 19, 2021
    #2021-015174/West Precinct/Third Watch: On 01-19-2021 at 0148 hours, officers observed a driver sleeping within her parked car with narcotics beside her in plain view. When officers woke her up, the suspect put her car in reverse and backed into a patrol car. Officers removed the struggling female from the car and placed her prone on […]
  • Monday – January 18, 2021
    #2021-14264/South Precinct/Third Watch: On 01-18-2021 at 0113 hours, multiple callers reported shots fired in the area of Othello Park. One caller reported bullet holes in their house. Officers responded and found evidence of a shooting in the street outside the home. Six bullet holes were located in the side of the house. Officers processed the […]
  • Sunday – January 17, 2021
    #2021-013609/South Precinct/First Watch: On 01-17-2021 at 0345 hours, officers responded to the 2200 block of 4th Ave for a commercial burglary in progress. Officers arrived and observed the suspect inside of the location. Containment was established and K9 responded. Officers conducted a search with K9 and located the suspect hiding inside of the property. Suspect […]
  • Saturday – January 16, 2021
    #2021-012781/North Precinct/Third Watch: On 01-16-2021 at 0125 hours, several employees locked up a dispensary at closing time. A female employee was walking home when three suspects robbed her at gunpoint near 95 and Greenwood. They took her work keys and cell phone from her. The suspects attempted to gain access to the store but were […]
  • Friday – January 15, 2021
    #2021-012147/North Precinct/First Watch: On 01-15-2021 at 1030 hours, officers responded to a disturbance at Cascade Hall involving an assaultive client/resident. Officers initially calmed the suspect, who was off of her medications; however, without warning she spat on two officers. The suspect was taken into custody without further incident. Neither officer required medical attention. #2021-12609/South Precinct/Third […]
  • Thursday – January 14, 2021
    #2021-11270/South Precinct/First Watch: On 01-14-2021 at 1039 hours, officers responded to a disturbance at the US Postal office Georgetown. A female who appeared to be suffering from a mental crisis and possible narcotics was inside the lobby demanding her Government Stimulus check at which time they advised her that they did not have one for […]
  • Wednesday – January 13, 2021
    #2021-009949/South Precinct/Third Watch: On 1-13-2021 at 0030 hours, officers were busy dealing/assisting Seattle Fire and Seattle Public Utilities with trees down, power poles down, and power outages. Several community members apparently took advantage of the situation. (SPD 21-9949) At approximately 0041 hours, two males forced their way into an AM/PM and robbed an employee of […]
  • Tuesday – January 12, 2021
    #2021-009670/West Precinct/Second Watch: On 01-12-2021 at 1851 hours, while on patrol a K9 officer heard about 10 shots being fired in the area of 10 Ave S/ S Dearborn St. After broadcasting the initial shots, the officer heard another 10-15 shots being fired. It seemed the shots were coming from the area of the “jungle” […]
  • Monday – January 11, 2021
    #2021-8184/East Precinct/Third Watch:  On 01-11-2021 at 0128 hours, officers observed a known warrant suspect in the area of Boren Av and Pike St. The suspect had an active warrant from DOC for Failure to Register as a Sex Offender. Officers stopped the suspect and attempted to place him under arrest for his warrant. He tried […]
  • Sunday – January 10, 2021
    #2021-007547/South Precinct/First Watch: On 01-10-2021 at 0401 hours, officers were advised of a possible car-jacking on the freeway on-ramp that WSP was en route to. Officers located the stolen vehicle at Swift/Albro being driven by the suspect. Officers stopped the vehicle and arrested the suspect without incident. SPD took primary on the call which turned out to be an auto […]
  • Saturday – January 9, 2021
    #2021-006907/North Precinct/First Watch:  On 01-09-2021 at 0900 hours, a report came in that on the previous evening during a Zoom meeting, an unknown “hacker” was able to access a meeting of a local Jewish Synagogue attendees. A tile appeared saying “The Holocaust isn’t real”, followed by a computer voice stating the Holocaust was fake and it […]
  • Friday – January 8, 2021
    #2021-005756/East Precinct/Third Watch: On 01-08-2021 at 0030 hours, the clerk at the Arco located at 23 Av / E Cherry St called reporting a female in the store destroying it. Officers responded and arrested the suspect. The caller reported the suspect was upset about having to wear a mask, told him not to talk to […]
  • Thursday – January 7, 2021
    #2021-005241/North Precinct/Second Watch: On 01-07-2021 at 1257, a suspect stole a delivery vehicle near the intersection of 6 AV and Union ST. While the auto theft investigation was on-going at West Precinct, the suspect crashed the stolen vehicle at the 4000 block of NE 95 ST. After the crash, the suspect ran away from the […]
  • Wednesday – January 6, 2021
    #2021-3890/West Precinct/Third Watch: On 01-06-2021 at 0400 hours, a reporting party (RP) reported that a large gray SUV pulled up to the location and threw two “Molotov Cocktails” into the street, then drove away southbound. RP kicked the bottles to the curb, which self-extinguished and caused no damage or injuries. SPD Arson Bomb Squad detectives […]
  • Tuesday – January 5, 2021
    #2021-003102/East Precinct/Third Watch: On 01-05-2021 at 0132 hours, officers responded to the 1800 block of Summit Av for a report of shots fired into an apartment. Officers on scene contacted a victim who stated he became involved in a verbal argument with a passerby on the sidewalk. The passerby/suspect then produced a handgun and fired […]
  • Monday – January 4, 2021
    #2021-002217/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch: On 01-04-2021 at 0135 hours, unknown person(s) started a fire on the exterior facing door frame of a residential apartment unit in the Morgan Junction area of West Seattle. The fire was small, did not spread, and was extinguished after the smoke detection system alerted staff. Nobody was injured. The building did […]
  • Sunday – January 3, 2021
    #2021-001545/West Precinct/First Watch: On 01-03-2021 at 0447 hours, officers on-viewed a tent fire on a planting strip in the Lower Queen Anne neighborhood. The tent was unoccupied. There were no injuries. Seattle Fire Department extinguished the fire. SFD fire marshal responded. No suspects were seen however the tent resident believes the fire was set. The […]
  • Saturday – January 2, 2021
    #2021-001370/South Precinct/Third Watch: On 01-02-2021 at 2107 hours, a group of 4 males with weapons surrounded a growth house. They announced themselves as DEA agents. The people (victims) inside the house confronted suspects with knives and chased them off. One of the four suspects fired a shot but did not hit anyone or property. No […]

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