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Significant Incident Reports

This site contains Significant Incident Reports (SIRs). The types of reports that qualify as “significant” varies so here is what we consider significant.

  • Assault with significant injury
  • Bias crime
  • Event likely to generate media attention
  • Event likely to generate community concern
  • Hostage/barricade
  • In-custody death
  • Officer assaulted
  • Robbery
  • Shots fired (with damage or evidence)
  • Significant crisis events, including those resolved without force
  • Type II and Type III use-of-force investigations
  • Any other event a sergeant believes is significant

Incidents such as homicides, sexual assaults, domestic violence, child abuse and custody dispute calls, while significant, contain information that may identify the victim in a certain case and may not be posted here.

These reports are a small portion of the information we gather at an incident and are based on early information. Information in an officer’s final report may differ from the text contained here and should be considered more accurate. 

  • Friday – May 26, 2023
    #2023-144443/West Precinct/Third Watch: On 5-26-2023 at 0032 hours, a bicyclist struck the curb near 9th Avenue and Convention Place and was thrown from his bicycle. The male was pronounced deceased at the scene. SPD TCIS responded to investigate. #2023-144456/South Precinct/Third Watch: At 0100 hours, multiple 911 calls were received about shots heard in the 900 […]
  • Thursday – May 25, 2023
    #2023-143319/West Precinct/Third Watch: On 5-25-2023 at 0125 hours, officers responded to a report of a male who had broken the front door to an apartment building and caused damage to the lobby. Police took the suspect into custody for felony property damage. #2023-143220/North Precinct/Third Watch: At 0126 hours, officers responded to an open 911 line […]
  • Wednesday – May 24, 2023
    #2023-142238/North Precinct/Third Watch: On 5-24-2023 at 0157 hours, multiple 911 callers reported shots fired near NE 130th Street and 1st Avenue NE. Patrol located a victim with gunshot wounds and recovered evidence from the scene. The victim was transported by Seattle Fire to HMC with non-life-threatening injuries. #2023-142305/East Precinct/First Watch: At 0522 hours, officers responded […]
  • Tuesday – May 23, 2023
    #2023-141974/North Precinct/Second Watch: On 5-23-2023 at 1830 hours, officers responded to a disturbance that escalated into a stabbing. The victim sustained non-life-threatening injuries and was treated at the scene by Seattle Fire. The suspect was taken into custody and booked into KCJ for assault.
  • Monday – May 22, 2023
    #2023-140163/South Precinct/Third Watch: On 5-22-2023 at 0139 hours, officers attempted to conduct a traffic stop on a motorcyclist who refused to stop and sped away. While doing an area check for the motorcycle, officers spotted it again and the motorcycle rammed the patrol car door as an officer tried to get out. The officer was […]
  • Sunday – May 21, 2023
    #2023-139228/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch: On 5-21-2023 at 0056 hours, officers responded to the 7500 block of 24th Avenue SW for a report of a robbery with a shot fired. Officers located two victims who had been assaulted during the incident inside a residential apartment. Containment was established and K9 searched for the suspect with negative results. […]
  • Saturday – May 20, 2023
    #2023-138117/West Precinct/Third Watch: On 5-20-2023 at 0013 hours, officers arrived on a hit-and-run to a pedestrian sleeping in an alleyway. The victim was transported to HMC with lower leg injuries, and the suspect vehicle left in an unknown direction. #2023-138122/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch: At 0015 hours, police contacted the victim of a robbery which occurred in […]
  • Friday – May 19, 2023
    #2023-137328/North Precinct/Second Watch: On 5-19-2023 at 1119 hours, officers responded to a subject causing a disturbance and refusing to leave a public library. The suspect, who also made threats about killing police officers, struggled with police when they attempted to escort him out. He was booked into KCJ for assault, malicious mischief, criminal trespass, and […]
  • Thursday – May 18, 2023
    #2023-135728/East Precinct/Third Watch: On 5-18-2023 at 0002 hours, multiple callers reported hearing shots in the area of Pine Street and Belmont Avenue. Officers located and recovered evidence of a shooting but found no victims. #2023-135956/West Precinct/First Watch: At 0825 hours, police contacted the caller who found 4 semi-automatic rifle rounds in a bag left on […]
  • Wednesday – May 17, 2023
    #2023-134602/South Precinct/Third Watch: On 5-17-2023 at 0024 hours, officers responded to the 1700 block of 13th Avenue S for an attempted robbery after three suspects attempted to take money from the victim. One suspect pulled out a knife and cut the victim’s hand. The victim was transported to the hospital and officers were not able […]
  • Tuesday – May 16, 2023
    #2023-133512/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch: On 5-16-2023 at 0120 hours, officers responded to a store in the 3200 block of SW Avalon Way for a silent hold-up alarm. The clerk said the suspect walked behind the counter, brandished a knife, and took a number of cigarette cartons before leaving. Police did not locate the suspect. #2023-134419/East Precinct/Third […]
  • Monday – May 15, 2023
    #2023-132349/South Precinct/Third Watch: On 5-15-2023 at 0113 hours, officers were dispatched to a possible drive by shooting. Patrol located evidence of a shooting in the roadway but did not find any damage or victims. #2023-132407/West Precinct/Third Watch: At 0302 hours, officers responded to a call of a stabbing and located a male with a non-life-threatening […]
  • Sunday – May 14, 2023
    #2023-131394/West Precinct/Third Watch: On 5-14-2023 at 0227 hours, police responded to a shot fired following a disturbance. The victim said he got into a verbal altercation with the suspect who later followed him and fired a single shot in the air from a vehicle. Officers recovered evidence of a shooting and were not able to […]
  • Saturday – May 13, 2023
    #2023-130350/South Precinct/First Watch: On 5-13-2023 at 0521 hours, police contacted a victim who was assaulted while getting out of his vehicle. by three suspects. The victim’s cell phone and wallet were taken during the assault. Officers performed an area check but did not locate the suspects. #2023-130577/South Precinct/First Watch: At 1051 hours, patrol responded to […]
  • Friday – May 12, 2023
    #2023-129183/West Precinct/Third Watch: On 5-12-2023 at 0435 hours, officers were dispatched to the Queen Anne area regarding a shot heard. Officers found an unoccupied vehicle with bullet damage and the area near the catalytic converter had been partially cut out. Police also found cutting tools on the ground next to the vehicle. #2023-129430/West Precinct/First Watch: […]
  • Thursday – May 11, 2023
    #2023-128518/North Precinct/Second Watch: On 5-11-2023 at 1406 hours, police responded to a North Green Lake shared residence after neighbors came to assist a 72-year-old woman who was assaulted by a neighbor. The suspect was taken into custody and booked into KCJ for assault.
  • Wednesday – May 10, 2023
    #2023-127176/West Precinct/First Watch: On 5-10-2023 at 1053 hours, witnesses reported an unknown driver pulled alongside a parked BMW and shot out the driver’s side windows. Patrol processed the scene. #2023-127569/South Precinct/Second Watch: At 1707 hours, police responded to reports of shots heard in the 8700 block of Seward Ave S. An occupied vehicle was struck […]
  • Tuesday – May 9, 2023
    #2023-125750/East Precinct/Third Watch: On 5-9-2023 at 0223 hours, officers were dispatched to a shots call near the 1200 block of Barclay Ct. Officers located evidence of a shooting. No victims or property damage were found. #2023-125892/West Precinct/First Watch: At 0745 hours, an emphasis unit saw a woman breaking car windows with a metal pole. As […]
  • Monday – May 8, 2023
    #2023-124668/South Precinct/Third Watch: On 5-8-2023, at 0042 hours, officers were dispatched to a business alarm. Officers arrived and could see a suspect inside the building. Units contained the property and two suspects were arrested attempting to leave the fenced lot. Both suspects were booked into KCJ for burglary. #2023-124881/East Precinct/First Watch: At 0821 hours, police […]
  • Sunday – May 7, 2023
    #2023-123771/South Precinct/Third Watch: On 5-7-2023 at 0017 hours, officers responded to the 9300 block of 57th Avenue S for a report of shots fired and a white van seen driving away with no headlights. Officers located evidence of a shooting and a home nearby which had been struck by gunfire. #2023-123836/South Precinct/Third Watch: At 0233 […]
  • Saturday – May 6, 2023
    #2023-122881/West Precinct/Third Watch: On 5-6-2023 at 0238 hours, officers responded to a collision into a building and found an SUV had crashed through a glass wall and caused significant property damage. The driver was located and arrested nearby for DUI and hit and run. The driver suffered minor injuries; no one else was hurt. #2023-122927/South […]
  • Friday – May 5, 2023
    #2023-122538/East Precinct/Third Watch: On 5-5-2023 at 1846 hours, officers responded to a business after the suspect made threats to kill the victims using hate crime language and followed them around the store. Police obtained video surveillance footage of the suspect and collected evidence from the scene. The suspect was not located. #2023-122740/North Precinct/Third Watch: At […]
  • Thursday – May 4, 2023
    #2023-121077/West Precinct/First Watch: On 5-4-2023 at 1037 hours, police responded to an apartment building for a man causing a disturbance with staff. The suspect brandished a knife at the staff causing alarm. Officers located the suspect and took him into custody. #2023-121110/West Precinct/First Watch: At 1130 hours, a group of employees were on a lunch […]
  • Wednesday – May 3, 2023
    #2023-120185/North Precinct/Second Watch: On 5-3-2023 at 1402 hours, officers contacted a store employee after a suspect threatened him while shoplifting. The suspect, who matched the description of a man causing similar issues around the area, was spotted a short distance away by officers and ran when contacted. He was taken into custody after a foot […]
  • Tuesday – May 2, 2023
    #2023-118583/West Precinct/First Watch:On 5-2-2023 at 0243 hours, police contacted a man who said the suspect used hate crime language and threatened to kill him and his family. The suspect was taken into custody and transported to KCJ. #2023-118622/South Precinct/First Watch:At 0456 hours, officers on-viewed a suspicious vehicle that had crashed into the side of a […]

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