Significant Incident Reports

This site contains Significant Incident Reports (SIRs). The types of reports that qualify as “significant” varies so here is what we consider significant.

  • Assault with significant injury
  • Bias crime
  • Event likely to generate media attention
  • Event likely to generate community concern
  • Hostage/barricade
  • In-custody death
  • Officer assaulted
  • Robbery
  • Shots fired (with damage or evidence)
  • Significant crisis events, including those resolved without force
  • Type II and Type III use-of-force investigations
  • Any other event a sergeant believes is significant

Incidents such as homicides, sexual assaults, domestic violence, child abuse and custody dispute calls, while significant, contain information that may identify the victim in a certain case and may not be posted here.

These reports are a small portion of the information we gather at an incident and are based on early information. Information in an officer’s final report may differ from the text contained here and should be considered more accurate. 

  • Wednesday – April 21, 2021
    #2021-096625/North Precinct/Third Watch: On 04-21-2021 at 0006 hours, a female suspect stole items from a local store. Security guard confronted the suspect. Verbal altercation and posturing from security guard and male friend of suspect. Suspects fled in a vehicle and fired a single gunshot (unknown direction). Bias elements involved. #2021-096677/South Precinct/First Watch: On 04-21-2021 at […]
  • Tuesday – April 20, 2021
    #2021-095822/South Precinct/Third Watch: On 04-20-2021 at 0244 hours, officers were dispatched to 51 Av S / S Cambridge St to investigate a shooting. A witness told police that he saw a male and a female arguing outside an apartment on 51 Av S. As the female drove away, the male fired one shot at her […]
  • Monday – April 19, 2021
    #2021-094847/South Precinct/First Watch: On 04-19-2021 at 0430 hours, patrol responded with Seattle Fire for several small debris and trash can fires. Patrol was able to identify the suspect and make an arrest. Arson Bomb Squad Detectives responded to assist with the investigation and will handle the follow-up. #2021-95449/South Precinct/Second Watch: On 04-19-2021 at 1732 hours, […]
  • Sunday – April 18, 2021
    #2021-094005/Southwest Precinct/First Watch: On 04-18-2021 at 0804 hours, officers were dispatched to the area of 24th Av. Sw / Delridge Wy Sw for a male suspect checking and stealing mail from mailboxes. Officers recognized the suspect’s description and MO as a habitual mail theft suspect who preys on community members in this area. Officers arrived […]
  • Saturday – April 17, 2021
    #2021-092776/South Precinct/Third Watch: On 04-17-2021 at 0014 hours, officers responded to a report of an explosion and subsequent fire in a vehicle in the area of 37 AV S / S Oregon ST. Officers arrived to find Seattle Fire extinguishing the fire. A Fire Marshal responded to the scene and determined that fire was suspicious. […]
  • Friday – April 16, 2021
    #2021-091704/North Precinct/Third Watch: On 04-16-2021 at 0128 hours, officers responded to an armed robbery at a small 24-hour convenience store. Officers arrived and learned that the store was robbed by three suspects, two with semiautomatic handguns. The suspects entered the store, all separating down different aisles. One suspect walked to the back of the clerk’s […]
  • Thursday – April 15, 2021
    #2021-091415/South Precinct/Second Watch: On 04-15-2021 at 1814 hours, officers responded to a report of multiple shots heard, near the intersection of Rainier Ave S / Seward Park Ave S. Officers arrived and located evidence of a shooting in the roadway. Officers also located bullet damage to three vehicles and a nearby apartment building. Based on […]
  • Wednesday – April 14, 2021
    #2021-89705/North Precinct/Third Watch: On 04-14-2021 at 0023 hours, a witness reported as they were about to enter the 7-Eleven at 300 N 125 ST, they observed 3 male suspects inside the business armed with pistols. Store clerk stated the 3 suspects entered the store, pointed their firearms at him and demanded money from the register. […]
  • Tuesday – April 13, 2021
    #2021-089063/South Precinct/First Watch: On 04-13-2021 at 0100 hours, a male victim located a hand-written note on his door that contained bias language directed at his race telling him to move out. The victim believes the suspect is a neighbor in a nearby apartment due to past bias incidents between the two. The suspect was contacted […]
  • Monday – April 12, 2021
    #2021-88140/South Precinct/Second Watch: On 04-12-2021 at 1200 hours, officers responded to the report of an armed robbery and carjacking that occurred at about 0100 hours. Caller reported stopping at nearby park to use the restroom, then being confronted, struck with a gun and knocked unconscious. Unknown suspect(s) took the victim’s keys, wallet, phone and car. […]
  • Sunday – April 11, 2021
    #2021-87119/Southwest Precinct/First Watch: On 04-11-2021 at 0341 hours, officers responded to a vehicle vs pole collision at 35th Ave SW and SW Findlay St. A vehicle struck a pole fracturing it at the base. The pole began to lean over SW Findlay St. but was stopped by the wedged vehicle and the overhead power lines. […]
  • Saturday – April 10, 2021
    #2021-086510/North Precinct/Second Watch: On 04/10/2021 at 1134 hours, a tanker truck carrying human waste was making a left hand turn from NW 103 St to travel northbound on 3 Av NW, when the contents of the tanker sloshed so heavily to one side that the tanker truck tipped onto its side, hitting a telephone pole […]
  • Friday – April 9, 2021
    #2021-85306/North Precinct/Third Watch: On 04-09-2021 at 0023 hours, officers were legally parked facing south bound on University Wy NE at NE 47 St investigating a shoplift. While there, suspects involved in a fight disturbance in the 4300 block of University way fled in a vehicle northbound on University Wy Ne. They continued northbound on University […]
  • Thursday – April 8, 2021
    #2021-084682/Southwest Precinct/First Watch: On 04-08-2021 at 1114 hours, officers responded to a subject inside a store threatening employees with a knife as he was stealing beer. The suspect saw the employees looking at him, so he started to put more beer into his pockets. The suspect then pulled out a fixed blade knife and began […]
  • Wednesday – April 7, 2021
    #2021-83562/West Precinct/First Watch: On 04-07-2021 at 0300 hours, officers responded to a burglary where two suspects were seen taking items from a restaurant and loading them into a vehicle. Officers located two suspects matching the description given by the reporting party in the area as they were unloading the stolen items from the vehicle into […]
  • Tuesday – April 6, 2021
    #2021-082587/South Precinct/Third Watch: On 04-06-2021 at 0128 hours, officers responded to a report of a shooting in the 6200 block of Airport WY S on the second floor of an apartment complex. The victim reported that he had been sleeping in his bed when a bullet came through the ceiling and hit him in the […]
  • Monday – April 5, 2021
    #2021-81751/South Precinct/First Watch: On 04-05-2021 at 0527 hours, officers were conducting an unrelated investigation in the Rainier Vista neighborhood when they heard a volley of 8-10 gunshots, in close proximity to their location. Shortly after hearing the gunshots, two officers saw a dark colored SUV rapidly driving out of the neighborhood. The officers attempted to […]
  • Sunday – April 4, 2021
    #2021-80991/East Precinct/First Watch: On 04-04-2021 at 0402 hours a 911 call came in of a male walking into Swedish 1st hill with gunshot injuries. Victim stated he was shot at a club in Tacoma off 54th St, then drove to his girl’s house in 400 blk 25th Ave in Seattle, who then drove him to […]
  • Saturday – April 3, 2021
    #2021-080157/South Precinct/Third Watch: On 04-03-2021 at 0309 hours, Seattle Fire investigators responded to the scene of a fire at a construction site, which had occurred earlier in the morning hours. SFD investigators determined the fire to be intentionally set and requested that the SPD’s Arson Bomb Squad respond to assist with the initial investigation. ABS […]
  • Friday – April 2, 2021
    #2021-079073/South Precinct/Third Watch: On 04-02-2021 at 0013 hours, while on patrol, an officer observed a parked vehicle (unoccupied) on fire. Seattle Fire responded and put out the fire. An SFD fire marshal responded and determined that the fire was intentionally set. The vehicle was destroyed and impounded. Attempted to contact the owner but was unsuccessful. […]
  • Thursday – April 1, 2021
    #2021-078087/East Precinct/Third Watch: On 04-01-2021 at 0155 hours, an adult male victim was walking in the 1600 block of E Pike St when a red Toyota Camry with no plates on it pulled up. The three suspects in the vehicle tried to contact the victim. The victim attempted to flee but the suspect vehicle pulled […]
  • Wednesday – March 31, 2021
    #2021-77133/East Precinct/First Watch: On 03-31-2021 at 0308 hours, officer responded to reports of shots being heard. Suspect had been harassing the victim and had assaulted the victim. The victim was staying in an encampment, but in a different location when the shots were heard. Evidence of a shooting was recovered, and the victim felt the […]
  • Tuesday – March 30, 2021
    #2021-764919/West Precinct/First Watch: On 03-30-2021 at 0910 hours, officers were dispatched to a stolen car tracking by On-Star. They located the vehicle in the parking garage of 1815 Terry Ave occupied by two individuals. They contacted the driver, verified that it was a stolen car, and arrested him. Inside the car were numerous credit cards […]
  • Monday – March 29, 2021
    #2021-075318/West Precinct/Third Watch: On 03-29-2021 at 0031 hours, residents called 9-1-1 to report that they believed that someone was in their basement. The caller and her boyfriend were the only two persons who should have been in the house. Officers checked the perimeter of the residence and found evidence that someone had been hiding in […]
  • Sunday – March 28, 2021
    #2021-074622/North Precinct/First Watch: On 03-28-2021 at 0429 hours, officers responded to a burglary investigation, engaged the suspect in a foot pursuit, and took him into custody shortly afterwards. An officer sustained minor injuries and was treated and released from Northwest Hospital. #2021-074963/East Precinct/Second Watch: On 03-28-2021 at 1451 hours, Washington State Patrol initially got a […]

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