Significant Incident Reports

This site contains Significant Incident Reports (SIRs). The types of reports that qualify as “significant” varies so here is what we consider significant.

  • Assault with significant injury
  • Bias crime
  • Event likely to generate media attention
  • Event likely to generate community concern
  • Hostage/barricade
  • In-custody death
  • Officer assaulted
  • Robbery
  • Shots fired (with damage or evidence)
  • Significant crisis events, including those resolved without force
  • Type II and Type III use-of-force investigations
  • Any other event a sergeant believes is significant

Incidents such as homicides, sexual assaults, domestic violence, child abuse and custody dispute calls, while significant, contain information that may identify the victim in a certain case and may not be posted here.

These reports are a small portion of the information we gather at an incident and are based on early information. Information in an officer’s final report may differ from the text contained here and should be considered more accurate. 

  • Thursday – October 28, 2021
    #2021-285834/West Precinct/Third Watch: On 10-28-2021 at 0051 hours, there was a disturbance between people near 3 AV and Pike St. An unknown suspect shot a victim. The suspect ran away and is at large.
  • Wednesday – October 27, 2021
    #2021-285032/North Precinct/First Watch: On 10-27-2021 at 0813 hours, a suspect walked into a store and demanded a refund for a bad part. Employees stated they did not have a replacement part. Suspect then demanded all the money in the drawer. Suspect had his hand in his waistband and stated he had a gun. Employees complied […]
  • Tuesday – October 26, 2021
    #2021-283962/West Precinct/First Watch: On 10-26-2021 at 0431 hours, officers responded to Harborview Medical Center (HMC) for a female who just arrived with a gunshot wound to her arm. Officers arrived and located the female victim in her vehicle outside of the hospital. The victim had an obvious gunshot wound to her left arm. Officers negotiated […]
  • Monday – October 25, 2021
    #2021-283416/South Precinct/Second Watch: On 10-25-2021 at 1342 hours, officers and Gun Violence Reduction Unit detectives responded to a shots-fired incident at Rainier/S Holden. The victim vehicle had been left at scene with bullet holes. The victim had fled and hid, but eventually resurfaced and spoke with police. The suspect (not located) may have been upset […]
  • Sunday – October 24, 2021
    #2021-281897/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch: On 10-24-2021 at 0149 hours, officers responded to the 9200 Block of SW Barton ST for a shots-fired call. On arrival, officers located an unknown male subject with a single gunshot wound to the abdomen. Officers were unable to get any information from the victim due to his agitated state. Victim was […]
  • Saturday – October 23, 2021
    #2021-280935/West Precinct/Third Watch: On 10-23-2021 at 0134 hours, officers and detectives from the Gun Violence Reduction Unit on-viewed multiple shots fired near Occidental Ave S and S Yesler Way while on bar emphasis. The shooting was a continuation of an earlier fight disturbance handled by patrol officers at a Pioneer Square club. A second fight […]
  • Friday – October 22, 2021
    #2021-279822/South Precinct/Third Watch: On 10-22-2021 at 0037 hours, at the Mt Baker Light Rail station, a male suspect was involved in a physical altercation with two other males after they were exiting a light-rail train. After the fight, the male suspect went home, took a handgun, ran back to the scene, and shot at the […]
  • Thursday – October 21, 2021
    #2021-279022/North Precinct/First Watch: On 10-21-2021 at 0600 hours, detectives from the Gun Violence Reduction Unit assigned as TFO’s with the ATF, along with special agents from the ATF and DEA, served a search warrant today resulting in the recovery of two rifles, one handgun, and a quantity of meth and fentanyl. #2021-278930/South Precinct/First Watch: On […]
  • Wednesday – October 20, 2021
    #2021-277713/West Precinct/Third Watch: On 10-20-2021 at 0107 hours, an adult male armed with handgun attempted to steal vehicle from the owner. Suspect was unable to take the vehicle but assaulted the victim and stole his cell phone. The suspect was in the company of two other people. A K9 track was performed but no suspect […]
  • Tuesday – October 19, 2021
    #2021-276876/South Precinct/First Watch: On 10-19-2021 at 0819 hours, officers responded to a BNSF train derailment at Alaskan Way S/S Atlantic St, after a female was seen changing the track switch. BNSF Police responded to the scene and took custody of the female. SPD Traffic officers assisted with traffic control along E. Marginal Way S. No […]
  • Monday – October 18, 2021
    #2021-275849/South Precinct/First Watch: On 10-18-2021 at 0820 hours, officers responded to a large fire at an encampment. They were directed by witnesses to a suspect who was seen leaving the scene of the fire. The suspect was taken into custody and transported to South Precinct for Arson Bomb Squad. Detectives interviewed the suspect and determined […]
  • Sunday – October 17, 2021
    #2021-274740/South Precinct/Third Watch: On 10-17-2021 at 0230 hours, officers responded to the Rainier Vista neighborhood to investigate a shot heard incident (13 shots heard). Upon arrival, officers located evidence of a shooting and damage to nearby houses. No victims and no suspects located. Officers processed the scene. The report will forward to Gun Violence Reduction […]
  • Saturday – October 16, 2021
    #2021-273995/South Precinct/First Watch: On 10-16-2021 at 1041 hours, parents called about their adult son with mental health issues. He barricaded himself in a room with a large kitchen knife. The reason was possibly suicidal, paranoid or hallucinating. Family all differed on the reason. A language barrier slowed the discovery of motive. An arrest team was […]
  • Friday – October 15, 2021
    #2021-272652/North Precinct/Third Watch: On 10-15-2021 at 0232 hours, officers were clearing from a separate assault call when they on-viewed a verbal disturbance. When officers separated the subjects, one of the subjects pushed an officer with both hands. The push caused the officer to stumble backwards towards a brick wall. The suspect was taken into custody […]
  • Thursday – October 14, 2021
    #2021-271763/Southwest Precinct/First Watch: On 10-14-2021 at 0458 hours, the complainant called 911 from Texas and said that her friend sent a text last night saying that he was suicidal. The complainant also reported that the subject video chatted with her, and he was holding a gun to his head. The complainant didn’t have an address […]
  • Tuesday – October 12, 2021
    #2021-269822/East Precinct/Third Watch: On 10-12-2021 at 0037 hours, officers and Seattle Fire responded to Kaiser Urgent Care 1501 E Thomas St where a 19 y/o male had been brought in with multiple stab wounds. Officers arrived and attempted to interview the subject, but his mother interjected and prevented them from contacting him. The mother then […]
  • Monday – October 11, 2021
    #2021-269003/East Precinct/First Watch: On 10-11-2021 at 0338 hours, officers were dispatched to 924 E Cherry St to investigate graffiti with bias implications. Upon arrival to the Seattle University Jesuit building, officers located the front entrance which was covered in graffiti stating “They were children, No God Here, Child Murderers” as well as several anarchy symbols. […]
  • Sunday – October 10, 2021
    #2021-267994/East Precinct/Third Watch: On 10-10-2021 at 0159 hours, officers assigned to Night Life Emphasis in the Capitol Hill Bar District observed a disturbance outside of 1010 E Pike St, Club Havana. A patron/suspect removed from the establishment was with arguing with security, with minor pushing and shoving from all parties involved. Officers successfully separated the […]
  • Saturday – October 9, 2021
    #2021-267092/Southwest Precinct/First Watch: On 10-09-2021 at 0530, during a temporary assignment with the Robbery Unit, an officer investigated a carjacking in the South Precinct. His thorough and tireless investigation ultimately identified a suspect (a violent, convicted felon) that was also possibly responsible for several other violent crimes in Seattle and King County. Officer secured warrants […]
  • Friday – October 8, 2021
    #2021-266023/North Precinct/First Watch: On 10-08-2021 at 0341 hours, a victim was approached by two unknown suspects. Victim was knocked to the ground, beaten, then shot by one of the suspects. Suspects fled with victim’s motorcycle and other items. Victim was taken to Harborview Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries. Robbery detectives responded to the scene and […]
  • Thursday – October 7, 2021
    #2021-264977/North Precinct/Third Watch: On 10-07-2021 at 0100 hours, officers and Seattle Fire responded to a fire involving a vehicle and a detached wood garage. The Fire Marshal determined the fires to be arson. SPD’s Arson Bomb Squad detectives were notified and responded to the scene to assist with the investigation. There were no witnesses or […]
  • Wednesday – October 6, 2021
    #2021-263977/North Precinct/Third Watch: On 10-06-2021 @ 0138 hours, officers were dispatched to an assault in the Lake City Neighborhood. Officers arrived and located the victim, but the suspect was gone. The victim had a laceration on the top of his head and a puncture wound on his right forearm. The victim was unable to provide […]
  • Tuesday – October 5, 2021
    #2021-263537/South Precinct/Second Watch: On 10-05-2021 at 1456 hours, officers responded to a call of a stabbing in the SODO neighborhood. Upon arrival, officers located a victim with three non-life- threatening stab wounds to the back. The investigation revealed that the victim and suspect were in a verbal argument that turned physical. During the fight, the […]
  • Monday – October 4, 2021
    #2021-262763/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch: On 10-04-2021 at 1915 hours, an unknown suspect fired at least one round from an area near a city park. That round struck a home, narrowly missing the resident. It is believed the suspect was firing at a vehicle nearby and the house was not the target. Officers canvased the area for […]
  • Sunday – October 3, 2021
    #2021-261181/East Precinct/First Watch: On 10-03-2021 at 0410 hours, the victim (an outdoor vendor) was cleaning up at the end of the day when he was approached by two suspects. The suspects stole cash and a loaded firearm from the vendor’s pocket. One suspect engaged in a physical fight with the victim to allow the other […]

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