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East Precinct Officer stops Domestic Violence Assault

On Tuesday, October 21st at 3:15 PM an East Precinct officer on-viewed a domestic violence assault occurring at the bus stop at 23rd & Jackson. He exited his vehicle, called for additional units, and attempted to stop the assault in which the male suspect was hitting the female victim, who was holding an infant. The suspect then struggled with the officer, striking him in the face, splitting his lip and knocking a tooth loose.  Back up arrived and the suspect was subsequently arrested. The suspect continued to resist, spitting in the face in the same officer he assaulted.
During this incident, 20 – 30 individuals gathered and were verbally challenging the officers and attempting to interfere with the officers control of the suspect, putting everyone at risk. One of the on-scene officers was directing subjects to move back. A female refused to move back and when the officer attempted to move her back, the female struck the officer’s arm while refusing to move. She was taken in to custody. It was later determined that she was the victim of the DV Assault.
Both the domestic violence suspect and the domestic violence victim, ages 17 and 16 respectively, were booked into Youth Service Center for Investigation of Assault.  Their infant child is being cared for by his maternal grandmother.