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Apartment residents robbed at gunpoint

On November 3rd at around 12:58 AM, the residents of an apartment in the 13500 block of Linden Avenue N answered a knock on their door. They opened the door for a woman in her twenties. As they did so, two men wearing bandanas over their faces appeared and forced their way in through the doorway into the apartment. One of them was armed with a handgun. The apartment residents were ordered to the floor and kept there at gunpoint while their apartment was ransacked. All three were physically assaulted. Eventually, the suspects left. They took with them some personal property belonging to the victims.

All three victims, young men ages 20 and 21, were transported to Harborview Medical Center were they were treated for minor injuries. They have since been released.

Robbery detectives responded to the scene to investigate. Evidence technicians responded as well to search for finger prints. It appears that the suspects had targeted this specific apartment when they committed the crime.