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SPD Officers Find Shelter For 60 Displaced People

    On 12/21/08, at  9:48 p.m., 911 received a call of a disturbance involving 60 people outside the Pavilion Shelter, at the Seattle Center.  According to the caller, a Greyhound Bus dropped the people at the shelter and advised them that they could stay there.   When they attempted to get into the shelter they were informed that they were full and did not have room.  Before the group could return to the bus, it had left.   The displaced people were out front of the shelter and were very angry. 
     A Seattle Police Lieutenant  and Sergeant immediately responded to the Greyhound station to ascertain why and how this occurred, but the facility was completely locked up. 
    The officers then responded to the Seattle Center, and with the assistance from Seattle Police Communications, found available shelters.  Three families with young children were transported to the YWCA.  The rest of the displaced individuals (about 40), were taken to “DESC” at 517 3rd Avenue.
    Metro or Greyhound were not available to assist with the transportation, so all transports were completed by patrol and West Anti Crime Team.  They were all in shelters, 1 ½ hours after the original call.