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DV Suspect Arrested

On 1/16/09  at 1030 pm, officers responded to a reported domestic disturbance in the 3200 block of Commodore Way.  When the victim came to the door, the officers could see that she was bleeding from a superficial injury above her right ear.  She also explained that her husband had caused the injury by striking her with a closed fist.
The officers learned that the suspect was asleep in the bedroom, and they attempted to take him into custody.  The suspect resisted arrest, so the officers had to grapple with him inside the bedroom.  The suspect attempted to punch one officer several times, and succeeded in kicking another officer in the face during the melee. A third officer armed with  a taser, who was also at the scene,  ran into the bedroom when she heard the fight.  She deployed her taser striking the suspect in the right side.
The officers were then able to take the suspect into custody.  Neither the officers nor the suspect were seriously injured.   The suspect was booked for Investigation of Assault.