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Suspect arrested after assaulting cab driver

On 2/8/2009 at 2:45 AM, North Precinct patrol officers were dispatched to a “cabbie vs. fare dispute” in the 4300 block of Fremont Avenue N.  The 911 operator had reported hearing an in-progress struggle in the background when the call to 911 had been made.

Upon arrival, officers discovered that the suspect owed the victim $10 for a cab ride, had assaulted the victim cab driver and caused significant property damage to the cab itself.

According to the victim, the suspect refused to pay for the cab ride. When the victim confronted the suspect, the suspect pushed him down and punched him several times. The suspect also called the victim what is presumed to be a derogatory name and told him to return to his own country. He then threatened to kill the victim.

The suspect then smashed the windshield and scratched the paint down the side of the victim’s cab causing several thousand dollars in damage.

The suspect then fled into a nearby apartment building lobby as officers were arriving. The victim then pointed out the suspect, positively identifying him, to the officers as the suspect continued to stand in the lobby of his apartment building. The suspect then fled into his apartment unit as officers approached but was later apprehended inside his apartment.

The suspect was subsequently booked for Investigation of Malicious Harassment, Investigation of Malicious Mischief and Investigation of Robbery.