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Boat fire on Lake Union

On February 28th at approximately 11:50 A.M., Seattle Police Harbor Patrol responded to a burning boat at a marina in the 2700 Block of Westlake Avenue North.  The boat’s operator and his friend were at the marina’s fueling dock preparing to put fuel in the boat when the engine compartment exploded and the boat caught fire.  One man was thrown from the boat and landed in the water.  The other man was able to escape the boat.  The burning boat began to drift away from the dock, striking another boat, causing fire damage to it.  The Harbor Patrol, along with the Seattle Fire Department’s boats, arrived quickly and put out the fire.  One of the victims may have suffered a non life-threatening injury, and was transported to the hospital.  Police blocked off  Westlake Avenue North for a short time while this incident was being handled.