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SPD responds to large distubance in Greenwood


On June 26th at approximately 11:26 p.m., multiple officers responded to a call of a loud party in the 7900 Block of Greenwood Avenue  North.   At the same time, reports of fistfights in the area were being received.  Promoters of the private party in question greeted officers outside of the establishment and advised that the party was “out of control.”  Officers found approximately  350 patrons crammed into the room and the music being turned off.  The DJ’s were broadcasting a desire to end the party and pleading with patrons to leave.  Officers sought to encourage patrons to leave the premises and the crowd reluctantly exited.

As the crowd was exiting the west entrance about  200 additional persons converged upon the front of the building, having approached from nearby alleys and parking areas.  Dispatched calls of shots fired in the area were broadcast.  Numerous fight disturbances broke out simultaneously and officers were surrounded by converging crowds while seeking to break up fights. 

Additional  officers from other precincts and UWPD were called in to assist with the crowd.

Numerous fight disturbances continued in the area, but, ultimately, the crowds were successfully dispersed without injuries to officers or the crowd.

Members of the crowd advised that they had observed shootings nearby.  However, no victims were located and none ever called in to 9-1-1.