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Hit and Run on Lake Washington

On July 29th at around 10:20 p.m. Harbor Patrol officers responded to a report of a Hit and Run boating collision on Lake Washington, mid-lake 1/2 mile south of the 520 floating bridge.  According to the victims, their boat was adrift in the water.  The adult male victim was swimming while the adult female victim remained in the boat.  The suspect’s boat bore down on the victims  and did not change direction.

The suspect’s boat collided with the victim’s boat and went over it, damaging and disabling it.  Both the male and the female sustained minor injuries from the collision.  Harbor Patrol officers transported the victims and towed their boat to the Harbor Patrol station. 

Anyone with information regarding this collision is asked to contact the Seattle Police Traffic Collision Innvestigation Squad at (206) 684-8923.