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Two arrested after firing shots near North Seattle Comm. College

On August 28th at approximately 9:30 p.m. officers responded to a call of shots fired in the 100 block of North 90th Street.  After the arrival of officers, shots were heard north of that location near the area of I-5.  Officers continued to search the area and then heard more shots near the southeast corner of North Seattle Community College that borders the southbound lanes of I-5.  As officers converged on the area numerous rifle shots were then fired within 50 yards of officers.  The suspect was using tracer ammunition and several red tracer rounds were seen fired into the air from the wooded area.  As officers took cover, the suspect fired approx 12-15 more  rounds in a rapid fire mode.  Officers contained the area of the campus and  called for SWAT and  Guardian One.  The shots were obvious rifle shots and were fired approx 25 yards away from I-5, so the decision was made to shut down both northbound and southbound I-5.   Guardian One was able to locate two suspects.  Both suspects were attempting to hide and would make  periodic attempts to crawl through the brush.  SWAT worked in conjunction with Guardian One and attempted to isolate the suspects.  After approximately one hour the suspects split up with one crossing both lanes of I-5 to the east, before deciding to come back over to the original area and he was taking into custody without incident.  The suspect in custody told officers that the second suspect was still armed with an AK47 before they split up.  The second suspect managed to elude officers for another two hours before he was finally caught.  K-9 officers did a search for evidence and were able to locate an AK47 rifle and an ammo can with multiple live rounds.  Suspect # 1 was booked for Obstructing, and Suspect #2 was booked for Investigation of Violation of the Uniform Firearms Act and Reckless Endangerment. Both suspects are young adult males.  There were no reported injuries or property damage.