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Assault suspects arrested

On 10/03/09, at approximately 12:40 a.m., off-duty officers working in the 500 block of Queen Anne Av N went outside to investigate a disturbance. They found 3 suspects assaulting a cab driver. One suspect was detained and arrested immediately. A second suspect fled with one of the off-duty officers in pursuit.

With assistance of responding units the second suspect was captured in the alley in the 500 blk between Queen Anne Av N. and 1st Av W. The third suspect was able to avoid capture. The investigation showed that the Yellow cab driver picked up the 3 suspects at 3 Av W and Mcgraw St and took them to Queen Anne Av N and Mercer st. The suspects refused to pay the $11.00 fare and fled.

The driver then spotted the 3 suspects at a business in the area and asked them for his money. The suspects then assaulted him drawing the attention of the off duty officers working in the area. The driver had soreness from being struck by the suspects but did not require medical attention.  The two suspects were booked for Assault.