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Have you seen this child?

Have you seen this  6 year old?

South Precinct patrol officers are currently looking for the 6 year old boy pictured above.  His name is Denez Bernier.  He usually wears a dark blue jacket and has a dark green GI Joe backpack.  He did not show up at Dearborn Park Elementary School earlier today.  School officials received a call from a woman who claimed to be his mother just before Noon inquiring as to his whereabouts but no family member has called police to report him missing.  It is unknown if he is in danger.  A search is underway and a number of relatives have been contacted.  We would like to speak to his mother since she originated the complaint.  Her name is Judith Bernier, 25 years of age.  We are also looking for his father, who apparently works in a tire shop in South Seattle.  His name is Tulaga Ativalu.  This is all of the information that we have at this time.  Anyone with information is asked to call the Seattle Police non-emergency number at 206 625-5011.