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Robbery: juvenile suspects arrested

On 10/25/09, at approximately 7:30 p.m., the victim was approached by three juvenile suspects at the Northgate transit center.  The suspects asked the victim for the time and the victim referred to the clock on his I-phone and told them the time.

The suspects and victim got on a bus and rode it to Brooklyn Ave. NE/Campus parkway and exited the bus.  There were four suspects at this time and the victim noted that the suspects were following him. 

When the victim arrive home in the 1400 block of NE 42nd street, the suspects surrounded him before he could get inside.  One suspect displayed a  handgun.  The suspects took the victim’s jacket and personal belongings while the victim was being held at gunpoint.  The suspects then fled the area.

Officers spotted possible suspects from the Robbery in the area of Montlake Ave. N/Pacific St.  The suspects fled and three of the four were caught just south of the Montlake bridge.

Officers contacted the victim and conducted a show up.  The victim identified the suspects, who were subsequently taken into custody and transported to the North precinct. 

Youth Service Center(YSC) screened the booking for one Robbery suspect, but declined the other two as “possessing the victim’s property” did not meet their booking criteria.  The primary Robbery suspect was transported and booked into YSC, the other two suspects were investigated and released after being fingerprinted with charges requested.