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8th Annual Awards Banquet held downtown last night

The Seattle Police Department and the Seattle Police Foundation  honored the incredible work performed by employees of the Department in their professional commitment to serve and protect the community on Friday, October 30th at the Seattle Sheraton Hotel Grand Ballroom.

One of the most effective ways in which the Seattle Police Foundation achieves its mission to support the employees of the Seattle Police Department is through their sponsorship of the Awards Banquet.  The banquet also raises money to support public safety initiatives funded throughout the year by the Seattle Police Foundation.  In eight years, the Foundation has funded more than 200 projects in partnership with the Seattle Police Department.  On Friday evening, more than 900 employees, their friends and families, event sponsors, and members of the community attended the annual banquet.

The Annual Awards Banquet is an opportunity to reflect on the accomplishments of the members of the Seattle Police Department, and honor their dedication to serving the community.  We greatly appreciate the support of the community as we honor these men and women,” said Interim Chief John Diaz.

The Seattle Police Foundation is committed to raising support and awareness for the Seattle Police Department, and the annual Awards Banquet is an opportunity to bring together employees and the community they serve.  It is always a great event,” said Laurie Sorenson, Seattle Police Foundation Chairwoman.

The keynote speaker this year was Anthony E. Zuiker, the creator and executive producer of the popular CSI television franchise, which now includes CSI:  Crime Scene Investigation, CSI: Miami and CSI: New York. The CSI franchise is entering its tenth season this year. 

Dozens of employees of the Seattle Police Department, both sworn and civilian, were honored this year for Valor, Distinguished Service, Excellence, and a wide range of other accomplishments. Here is a list of the honorees:


Medal of Valor 
Officer Eric Faust 
Officer Marcus Martin

Distinguished Service 
Detective James Rodgers 
Detective Bryan Van Brunt 
Officers Dave Foley & Harold Dentinger 
Officers James Thomsen & Adam Losloben

Medal of Courage 
PEO Ken Newlin

Civilian of the Year 
Mimi Walsh

Officer of the Year 
Chris Myers

Detective of the Year 
John Lewitt

Precinct Officers of the Year 
North – Randy Maxwell 
West – Frank Poblocki & Michelle Gallegos 
East – Chris Brownlee 
South – Dionne Perkins 
Southwest – John Kiehn

FTO of the Year 
Officer Tracy Beemster

PEO of the Year 
Lynne Edwards

Outstanding Public Service 
Detective Danial Conine 
Janis George 
Capt. Ron Wilson 
Detective Todd Novisedlak 
PEO Toner Eren

Detective Chris Hall 
Tracy Whitlatch 
Detectives Monty Moss & Aaron Reynolds 
Communications Team: Sgt. Sean Whitcomb, Officers Jeff Kappel, Mark Jamieson, & Renee Witt, Shanna Christie, Gina SantoDomingo & Cathy Wenderoth

East Precinct DMI Workgroup: Capt. Paul McDonagh, Director John Hayes, Community Prosecutor Tienney Milnor, Sgt. Marc Garth-Green, Officers Chris Kelley, Sina Ebinger, Yvonne Tovar, Court Harris, Pablo Lee, Tyrone Davis, Noah Zech, Ryan Keith, Steve Nadell, Matt Lilje & Detectives from Narcotics Pro Act Team

Sgt. Alan Bernstein 
Officer Christie-Lynne Bonner 
Lynette DeShaw 
Detective Rik Hall 
Sonja Lalor 
Officer Tom Henshaw 
Officer Joe Kowalchyk 
Officer Randy Kyburz 
Sgt. Ann Martin 
Regan Moffat 
Detective Dan Stokke 
Detective Michele Vallor 
Officer Adam Elias 
Officer Sam Byrd 
Officers Chris Kelley & Sina Ebinger 
Rena Martinez and Danette Neuhausen 
Officers Juan Tovar & Ponham Lim

Community Ambassador 
Officer Kevin McDaniel

Officer Bob Jellen 
Sgt. Randy Woolery

Narcotics ProACT Teams: Lt. Carmen Best, Sgts. Mike Devine & Alvin Little, Eric Greening, Detectives Tom Mahaffey*, Terry Chin, Dave Doucett, Dave Fitzgerald, John Fox, Rudy Gonzalez, Michele Hackett, Richard Huntington, Brandon James, Diana LaFreniere, James Manning, Dan Romero, Pete Sicilia, Brett Smith, Fran Smith, Troy Swanson, K.D. William, Officer Erin Rodriguez* & Tracy Whitlatch 
*Assigned to units outside Narcotics

Faux Bag Down Investigation Team: Detectives Todd Jakobsen, Dave Redemann, Tye Holand, Scott Waltier, Scotty Bach, Zsolt Dornay, Ron Smith, Everett Edwards, Stacy Litsjo, & Chris McNulty

Gang Unit: Sgts. Jim Dyment, Steve Jandoc &  Mike Coomes, Detectives, Jim Britt, Daina Boggs, Ed Chan, Shandy Cobane, Ben Hughey, Tom Janes, Wade Jones, Brian Lundin, Tom Mooney, Josh Rurey, Miko Santiago, Aaron Sausman, Bob Sevaaetasi, Rob Thomas, & Don Waters

Southwest Precinct Detectives:Sgt. Jeff Durden, Detectives Nick Bauer, Ed Garcia, Brian Ballew & Shayne St. John 

Belltown Drug Interdiction: Sgts. Brian Kraus, & Mark Hazard, Officers James Lee, Jason Diamond, Matt Pasquan, Dave Blackmer, Marty Harris, Kerry Zieger, Rob Cierley, Raul Vaca, Andy Zwaschka, Terry Bailey, Juan Tovar, John Kallis, & Narcotics ProACT Team Detectives