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Armed robbery at 3rd and W. Dravus

On 12/4/09, at approximately 11:00 p.m., the victim was walking home on W Dravus St from a bus stop on 3rd Av W when she heard someone behind her and she felt somebody grab her purse. She turned around and confronted 2 Hispanic males, one of whom demanded she give up the purse he was trying to pull from her.

The victim resisted and the second suspect pulled out a silver handgun displaying it so that the victim could see the weapon. The victim released her grip on the purse and the suspects fled with the purse West on Dravus St to 3rd Av W, where they were last seen  running north.

The victim began screaming which attracted attention and calls to 911.  A vehicle was heard at 3rd W and Dravus and the witnesses observed this vehicle go north immediately after the suspects fled. Subsequent investigation indicates this vehicle possibly picked up the suspects.  

The victim was shaken up but not injured.