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Victim robbed and stabbed

On 2/14/10, at approximately 1:45 a.m., the victim reported that he was walking home alone in the 1600 blk. Summit Ave.   He stated that suspect #1 approached him from the front and asked if he had any money.  Before the victim could answer, an unknown suspect #2 grabbed him from behind and wrestled him to the ground. 

A third unknown suspect joined in the struggle and assisted the others in pinning the victim to the ground.  During the struggle the victim felt several impacts to his mid/lower back and a dull pain.  The suspects removed the victim’s wallet from his back pocket.  The wallet contained $500 cash and 2 bank cards.  The suspects then fled in an unknown direction.  

The victim reported that he was “ashamed” that he had been overpowered and robbed, and did not immediately call for police assistance.  He said he returned home and went to bed.  He reported waking this morning and finding that he was bleeding from the back.  Alarmed, he went to Harborview.  Medical staff there determined he had been stabbed in the back 3 times. 

The victim described the suspects as unknown race males.