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Two women assaulted downtown, suspect arrested

On February 28th at approximately 1:49 a.m. officers were flagged down by an adult female victim in the 150 block of South Washington Street regarding an assault.  The victim and her friends had been inside a nearby nightclub where they had seen the suspect.  Once outside the club, the suspect initiated contact with the group of women.

The suspect was told that the women were not interested.  The suspect then backhanded one of the women for her perceived disrespect.  The other women came to their friend’s aid at which point the suspect punched a second woman from the group in the mouth.  That victim took out her cell phone to call 911.  The suspect responded by grabbing the cell phone and throwing it to the ground, breaking it.

A bouncer intervened and detained the suspect until officers arrived and placed him under arrest.   The adult male suspect was positively identified by all of the women and booked into King County Jail for assault and property destruction.