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Details on this morning’s downtown incident

On March 12th, at approximately 8:11 AM,  a complainant called 911 to report that a black male dressed in black clothing had entered a local mission in the 300 Block of 2nd Avenue Ext. South and threatened to blow the place up.  The suspect had a suspicious looking device taped to his wrist and had covered himself with black duct tape.  According to the complainant, the suspect walked in wanting to be served breakfast.  He informed the staff that he was a vampire and wanted to eat people.  The staff declined to serve him and asked him to leave.  At that point, the suspect said he was a space cowboy and showed them what appeared to be a pipe bomb taped to his wrist.  He threatened to blow up the building. Staff at the mission was able to usher the man out of the building.  When officers arrived at the location the suspect had already left.   Officers conducted an area search for the man and located him standing in a doorway in the 500 Block of 3rd Avenue.  SWAT had also responded to the scene and were present when the suspect was located.  Officers gave verbal commands to the suspect to lie down, which he did.  Officers then directed the suspect to remove the item that was taped from his arm.  Officers provided the suspect with surgical scissors which he used to cut the tape used to secure the device.  Once the device was free from his arm, the suspect was taken into custody without incident.  The Arson/Bomb detectives then took custody of the device, which appeared to be a metal pipe with endcaps.  The suspect was taken into custody at 9:19 AM, just over 1 hour after the original call.  By 10:02 AM the streets were reopened.  The 33 year old suspect was then transported to the West Precinct where he was interviewed by detectives.  The suspect will be booked later into the King County Jail for Threats to Bomb.