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4 suspects arrested during in progress burglary call in South Seattle

On March 14th, at approximately 4:00 AM, South Precinct officers responded to a 911 report of several suspects inside a grocery store in the 8300 Block of Rainier Avenue South.  A neighbor called 911 stating that they saw the suspects inside the buidling carrying items to a nearby vehicle.  Officers arrived quickly and contained the building.  One suspect was encountered outside of the business while two suspects were still inside.  A second suspect came out of the building unexpectedly and the two suspects began running toward the rear of the building.  Officers were already there and took them into custody.  The remaining suspect inside the business complied with commands to come out and he too was arrested without incident.  The waiting vehicle was located nearby, as was the fourth suspect, who was also arrested.  Stolen items from the store were located outside the business.  The vehicle was impounded pending a search warrant.  The four suspects, all males, ages 34, 24, 23, and 22, were booked into the King County Jail for Investigation of Burglary.   South Precinct detectives will conduct the follow up investigation.