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Indecent Liberties/Disturbance inside nightclub

On 6/12/10, at approximately 1:30 a.m., the 17- year- old juvenile suspect was able to gain entry to a nightclub  in the 2200 block of 1st Av., using a punched WA. ID card of a 24 -year- old male.

It was obvious that the photo did not match the suspect.  While inside the nightclub the juvenile suspect was able to drink in excess.  At approx. 1:30 a.m., the juvenile suspect walked up to the 24- year- old female victim and made sexual contact with her.

The victim became outraged and confronted the juvenile suspect.  The victim’s friends became aware of the incident and chased the juvenile suspect out of the club.  The juvenile suspect ran passed bike officers with several adult male suspects chasing him.

The officers contacted the parties involved and determined that the crime of Indecent Liberties had occurred.  The suspect was taken into custody and booked into Youth Service Center.  Additional charges for alcohol related offenses on the juvenile were also requested.

Officers were unable to contact security from nightclub because of the multiple other disturbances that were occurring during bar closing.

The incident will be forwarded to the State Liquor Control Board.