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Scam artists hit South Seattle

On Tuesday, January 11th officers responded to two separate incidents of thieves posing as city workers to get access to victims’ homes.  The two adult male suspects used a ruse to gain entry and once inside, one suspect rummaged around while the other distracted the homeowner(s).  In one case, jewelry was stolen.  It did not appear that anything was stolen in the other.  These cases are being actively investigated by South Precinct detectives.

The Seattle Police Department would like to take this opportunity to remind all city residents that they may want to exercise a bit of skepticism when strangers knock on their doors and demand access into their homes.  This includes individuals claiming to be vendors, solicitors, utility workers or any other form of government representative.  Always trust your instincts.  If in doubt, call 911 and let uniformed police personnel sort the matter out.