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Rioters caused property damage to local businesses

On 2/26/2011, at about 9:00 p.m., an officer was transporting a prisoner to the West Precinct, when he came upon a group of what appeared to be anarchists gathering in the intersection at Boren Ave / Howell Street.  As he passed through, he reported that the group had discharged a fire extinguisher at his vehicle.

Other officers responded and found a group of 25-30 gathered in the intersection, setting up bicycle type fencing and putting up caution tape.  They painted “Fuck The Pigs” on the street and on a nearby building.

They had also placed a couple of dozen large staples that had been fashioned into tire flattening spikes in the intersection.  When Officers arrived, the group walked off E/B on Howell, then apparently up into the East Precinct.

When they walked away, the group left behind cans of paint, paint rollers, flags, and of most interest, several light bulbs, from which the ends had been removed, which were filled with paint.  It is speculated that they were readied as paint “bombs” possibly to be used against the Police, or as a means to further damage property.

At approximately 9:19 p.m., this same group of approximately 30 people gathered at E. Pine St. and Boylston Ave.  They moved east- bound , using the E/B lane(s), blocking vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

There was no notification of a permitted planned march/demonstration.  Within the group were displayed signs encouraging violence against police.  Members of the group threw a large firework at a patrol unit.   It bounced off and detonated. The explosion could have injured them or other persons nearby.   Officers continued to monitor the group’s progress to Broadway and then northbound.

The rioters began pushing trashcans and paper boxes into the street and rearranging traffic safety cones.  Several lit flares were thrown at monitoring patrol cars.  Fire extinguishers were sprayed into the street traffic creating further hazards.  Rioters attempted to break windows at a Bank in the 300 block of Broadway Ave. E.

Parked cars were attacked and at least one visibly damaged.   Most of the rioters were dressed similarly in black clothing articles, and many wore bandanas or masks to conceal identity.  The actions of the rioters created significant traffic delays and congestion, as well as threatening traffic and pedestrian safety.  The rioters began to disperse at E. Republican St., many fled E/B.

Officers captured three subjects in the area of the 500 block of Federal Ave. E.  The suspects were booked for rioting, pedestrian interference, and obstructing.

There were many victim businesses affected by this riot. Among the businesses was a Bank, a local Newspaper Company, a local print publication, an unidentified vehicle owner(s), and Sound Transit, (Light Rail construction in 1800 block of Broadway Ave.