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Aggressive Driving Squad has another busy day

On March 29th the Aggressive Driver Response Team (ADRT) conducted enforcement around the city in accordance with their mission to promote traffic safety through the vigorous enforcement of city and state traffic laws.  The following is a synopsis of tickets issued by ADRT officers for excessive speed and other violations detected today:

On the West Seattle Bridge, a 45 mph zone, 1 at 76 mph, 1 at 73 mph, 1 at 71 mph, 2 at 70 mph, 1 at 68 mph, 1 at 66 mph, two Bus Lane violations and one with No Valid Driver’s License.

On SW Admiral Way, a 30 mph zone, 1 at 55 mph, 1 at 48 mph, 2 at 46 mph, and 1 at 45 mph.

In the 1100 block of SW Henderson Street, a 20 mph School Zone, one driver was clocked at 41 mph.

On Highway 99, a 50 mph zone, 1 at 75 mph and two at 70 mph.

In the 2200 block of Airport Way South, a 30 mph zone, 1 at 48 mph, 1 at 47 mph, 1 at 46 mph, and two at 45 mph.

In the 4200 block of 1st Ave South, a 35 mph zone, a driver clocked at 55 mph was also found to have No Proof of Insurance.

On northbound 4th Avenue between Pine Street and Battery Street downtown, a driver was observed weaving in and out of traffic, making six lane changes with no turn signal while talking on a cell phone.

The Seattle Police Department encourages all motor vehicle operators to be familiar with and obey all local and state traffic laws and to always drive with due regard for others on the roadway.