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Kidnap, Sexual Assault suspect arrested

On April 2nd at approximately 9:30 p.m. the 24-year-old female victim came into contact with the 66-year-old male suspect in the 8200 block of Aurora Avenue North.  The suspect solicited the victim for purposes of sexual role playing.  After some discussion the victim agreed and got into the suspect’s car.  Together they travelled to the suspect’s Tacoma residence.   

The suspect’s demeanor caused the victim to have some lingering concerns over her safety.  Unbeknownst to the suspect, the victim sent a text message to a friend with the suspect’s vehicle license plate number, address in Tacoma and a request to summon police if she did not re-establish contact by midnight.  

Upon entering the suspect’s residence, the suspect immediately surpassed the negotiated activities.  The victim was forcefully restrained to a wall and tortured for some time.  She asked the suspect if he was going to kill her and the suspect responded, “We’ll see.” 

The victim managed to tell the suspect about the text message.  After checking her cell phone, the suspect’s demeanor changed.  He untied the victim, paid her extra money and drove her to an agreed upon location, telling her not to involve the police. 

The victim subsequently notified Seattle Police and an investigation was initiated. 

On April 16th Seattle Police Department SWAT team officers located the suspect with another female and arrested him.  Seattle Police detectives and the CSI unit responded to the scene assisted by Tacoma Police Department detectives.  The suspect’s bondage room and torture devices were located and evidence was recovered by detectives. 

The suspect has been charged in King County Superior Court with Kidnapping in the 1st degree, Rape in the 1st degree, and Assault in the 2nd degree. 

This remains an active an on-going investigation.