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3 citizens chase down robbery suspect

On 6/26/11, at approximately 9:30 a.m.,  an adult female victim was retrieving cash from a bank at an ATM near 21 NW and NW 56. There were customers in line behind the victim.

An adult male suspect (28 years old) approached the victim while she was  at the ATM and ordered her to “Give me the f—ing money!”. The suspect was wearing a wool hat with eye holes cut out (a makeshift ski mask).   The suspect grabbed the victim’s cash and took off running.

Several citizens gave chase, including an employee of the Prosecutor’s office. The suspect threw the money down in an effort to get the citizens to stop chasing him. The citizens caught the suspect but he managed to get away. He then ran back and picked up the money and ran off again.

The citizens ran after him and the chase was on once again. The citizens caught the suspect and held him down for officers. Officers quickly arrived in the area and the suspect was arrested without further incident.

One citizen suffered pain to his leg, another had a $200 pair of eyeglasses broken and a third lost their sunglasses.

At the precinct, the suspect told the screening Sergeant that he was a former registered nurse gone bad. He man was booked for Investigation of Robbery.