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It’s a boy!

On June 29th at approximately 1:00 p.m. a parking enforcement officer (PEO) was in the process of writing a ticket in the 900 block of 9th Avenue when he noticed a man waving at him from a vehicle stopped on the southeast corner of the intersection of 9th Avenue and Madison Street.  The PEO walked over to the man who proceeded to explain that his wife was giving birth to a baby inside the vehicle and wanted the PEO to give him an escort to the hospital.  The PEO informed the husband that he was a parking enforcement officer with a scooter and was thus unable to provide an escort however, he did offer to call a uniformed officer or SFD medics.  The husband insisted on an escort. 

The PEO then noticed an SPD patrol car parked close to a nearby restaurant.  The PEO went inside the restaurant and found a police officer sitting at a table.  The PEO explained the situation to the officer and asked him if he would be able to provide an escort.  The officer said that he would. 

The PEO and the uniformed police officer returned to the husband’s vehicle when the PEO noticed that the baby’s head had already come out.  The PEO realized that an escort would not be a good option and called for SFD medics to respond. 

The husband then told the PEO that he had medical training and that he had taken classes on delivering babies.  The husband then began to deliver the baby.  The PEO informed the husband that medics would be arriving in several minutes to assist him.

SFD medics arrived on scene a few minutes later.  By that point the baby was born and the husband was holding his new baby boy. 

SFD medics transported the mother and healthy baby boy to an area hospital for follow up care.