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OPA Auditor’s Report is now available

Seattle Police Department Office of Professional Accountability Semi‐Annual Report of the Civilian Auditor, December, 2010 – May, 2011 is now available.  Here is a preview:

We give police significant power; the power to deprive individuals of their liberty and to use physical force, including the taking of life where necessary.  Policing – and community expectations of what is legitimate and appropriate – have changed over the years.  Just as with other professions, what we expect of our officers has evolved.  The basic goal of the citizen oversight, regardless of the structure used, is to open up the historically closed complaint process and to provide an independent, citizen perspective, asking fundamental questions such as: Who is being arrested and why? Is the power to arrest and use force being used legitimately and fairly? Is the officer acting to protect him or herself or the public, to control a dangerous situation or is the action taken to punish perceived or real disrespect or challenge to authority (‘contempt of cop’)? In essence are the police effectively preventing crime, while at the same time respecting the rights of all those they serve, with their actions conforming to standards of due process and equal protection?

To read the report in it’s entirety, please click on the link above.