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2 officers assaulted during club closing

On 7/4/11, South Precinct officers from all sectors had been rotating through the area around the clubs in the 2900 block of 1st av S. There were events at both clubs in that area.  As the 2:00 a.m. closing loomed, people poured out of the clubs and numerous fights broke out on 1st Ave and Occidental.

Other units were called to the area as officers saw persons with firearms in the crowd, dozens of large scale fights that continued to escalate, and large groups of people on 1st Ave S.

A hotdog vendor, near the front of one of the clubs was knocked to the ground, assaulted, and his cart severely damaged.  His product and equipment were strewn along the block as the fight continued.  Officers arrested 2 suspects.  During this conflict 2 Officers were assaulted (non-life threatening, but painful injuries).  One of these suspects was booked into King County Jail (KCJ) while the other was taken to Harborview Medical Center (then booked).  Both suspects were booked into (KCJ) for Felony Assault (2X) and Felony Property Damage.

This incident was a large scale mass disturbance with 1500+ persons out in the street, fighting, posing, and or gawking at the others that were actively committing crimes.