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Carjacking reported in Central District, car recovered

On July 28th, at approximately 11:40 PM, East Precinct officers responded to a reported carjacking near 23rd Avenue and Cherry Street.  The officers contacted the victim, who was bleeding from the head.  He explained that he had been parked near 24th and Cherry when he was approached by a group of young black males who asked him if he had some change.  The vicitm told them he did not.  He stated that he got out of his truck  to talk to the youth who had approached him, but another suspect came up from behind and put something up against his head, implying that it was a gun.  The victim ran, but one of the suspects threw a rock at him, striking him in the head.  At that point, the suspects got into the truck, which still had the keys in the ignition, and drove off.

While the officers were speaking with the victim, his friend came to the scene to report that he too had been robbed by the same suspects.  The friend stated that he had recovered the victim’s truck  from 12th and  East Jefferson, where he found it parked with the keys still in it.  He decided to bring it back to the owner.  The friend stated that he believed the suspects were still in a bar near where he located the truck. 

Officers responded to 12th and Jefferson and conducted an area search but did not locate the suspects.  The suspects were described as two black males, in their twenties, both approximately 6 feet tall, 180 pounds, and light skin complexion.  One suspect was described as wearing a gray shirt, the other a white shirt.   The victim’s truck  was impounded with an investigative hold for Robbery detectives.  The victim declined any medical attention.