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It’s a girl! 16 years later…

About 16 years ago Officer John Abraham was on his way to work on his police motorcycle around 9:15 a.m. when he stopped a car for speeding southbound on I-5 in the carpool lane near North 175th Street.  Once stopped Officer Abraham determined that the driver was a husband driving his very pregnant wife to an area hospital where medical conditions required a hospital delivery. 

The family doctor was standing by at the hospital awaiting the couple’s arrival.

Under normal circumstances paramedics would have been called to the scene however, due to the seriousness of the woman’s medical situation, there was no time to wait. Since SPD had and still has a policy prohibiting police vehicles from escorting under such circumstances, Officer Abraham notified the dispatch center of the urgency of this particular situation and asked for permission to run interference in front of the couple’s vehicle to move the rush hour traffic from their path.  Permission was granted by a supervisor and Officer Abraham successfully got the family to the hospital.  Within 20 minutes of arrival, Annie Rose Crookshank was born.

About six months later Officer Abraham got together with the family again, and a photo was taken of him holding Annie Rose (pictured above).

This morning Officer Abraham received a phone call from Mr. Crookshank, their first contact in almost 16 years.  This weekend the Crookshank family wants to get together with Officer Abraham so he can meet Annie Rose (now 16 years old) for the first time.  Annie Rose’s only knowledge of Officer Abraham is through stories she has heard from her parents, and from looking at the photograph of him holding her as an infant.

Below is a current photo of Annie Rose Crookshank.