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Attempted assault on officer

On 8/27/11, at approximately 2:00 a.m., officers were stationed at the 6000 block of  W Marginal WY SW, standing by for any racers that may be headed to the area. The officers noticed some activity behind their patrol car at the Alaska Marine Lines.

One officer was looking in his rear view mirror, when he saw a white 2/door car, with the trunk open and 3 occupants.

The officer saw some of the subjects get out of the car and climb on top of a container. The subjects removed metal from the container and threw it into the trunk of their car. The officers then attempted to contact the suspects. One of the officers went to the driver side to contact the driver.

The officer ordered the suspect to turn off the car and show his hands. The suspect hit the accelerator and drove away. The officer was near the driver side door when the suspect drove away. The officer had to move his feet in order to avoid being run over by the suspect.

Moments later,  South PCT officers located the suspects in the 6000 block of E Marginal WY S. The driver and a passenger were taken into custody. The third suspect escaped. The suspects were booked into King County Jail for Investigation of assault, theft and eluding.

The suspect’s vehicle was impounded with a hold.