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Shots fired; no victims located



On 9/4/11, at approximately 10:10 p.m., officers responded to multiple calls of shots fired in the area of E. Cherry St and 26th Ave E.  Callers also reported seeing two vehicles driving down the street with the occupants of one vehicle firing at the other.  No one appears to have been injured, and officers did not locate a crime scene or either vehicle.  According to the complainants, the occupants of a Black Dodge Charger were firing at the occupants of a Blue Chevy Caprice. The suspect vehicle was then reported to have fled the area N/B on 26th.

The responding officers did not find the victim vehicle, or any victims.  They did stop one possible suspect vehicle in the immediate area, but it turned out not to be related to the incident.  While the officers were checking the area for the first reported shooting, another call came in reporting shots heard in the area of E. Cherry Street and 19th Ave E. The officers checked that area, as well as the area around E. Terrace Street and 22ndAve E, which one of the bystanders in the area indicated might be the source of the shots. Again, officers did not find any victims or a scene.

Officers also responded to Harborview Medical Center to check for victims, but there were no reported gunshot victims during this time period. It is not known for sure if these incidents are directly related, but the possibility does exist based on the timing and locations of the calls.